Why do you need to get a flu shot every year? – Melvin Sanicas

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All year long, researchers at hospitals around the world collect samples from flu patients and send them to top virology experts with one goal: to design the vaccine for the next flu season. But why do we need a new one every year? Vaccines for diseases like mumps and rubella offer a lifetime of protection with two shots early in life; what’s so special about the flu? Melvin Sanicas explains.

Lesson by Melvin Sanicas, directed by Andrew Foerster.

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crbastow says:

Love The 8 Bit Music 🙂

David Remus says:

You don't I haven't had one since highschool (6 years ago) and I've only had flu symptoms once and it only lasted 2 days. When I got the flu shots I got the flu every year.

My mom works in a doctors office now and she's worked in hospitals since she was 21 and every doctor she's known never gets the flu shot they don't trust it and if doctors don't trust it why do we?

Vivek Vasava says:

REAL WORLD GAME IN NES THEME… good animation and explanation..

Gary Brown says:

Everyone has an impared Immune system so everyone who gets the flu shot spreads the virus

Nettles' Cats says:

My kids both got the OPV, which is the live virus, to immunize against the Polio virus. It's been replaced in most areas with the IPV now.

Nikola Rapovac says:

1:20 XD shape

nowGo4ward says:

Flu vaccine has been increasing susceptibility to non-influenza "flu-like" illnesses in recipients, increasing susceptibility to flu in recipients over multiple years as it shuts down development/maintenance of cross-protective cellular immunity, and it appears to make recipients shed up to 6 times more particle viral RNA. Many doses contain high levels of mercury, too.

The_Bleach_ Potato says:

I haven’t had a flu shot since I was in kindergarten

teeminator30 says:

Never had a flu shot in my life and have yet to get the flu. I’m 41 now and work in a hospital 5 days a week for the past 12 years. I sometime kinda wanna get the flu just to see what it’s all about.

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