OKC Thunder vs GS Warriors – Full Game Highlights | Feb 24, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | February 24, 2/24

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Rapid Highlights says:

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Christopher allen says:

damn ok got that many white boys playin in the 4th? hell one of em came out of the crowd!

Adriana Colon says:

all I gotta say . okc blew gsw out 2 times . as soon as gsw win all the gs bandwagon fans say Westbrook trash pg trash . carmelo trash . stfu

Flash The Gamer says:

Well screw okc

Carlos 3927 says:

KILLA D, DEFENSIVE GREEN , STEPHEN SCARY , SWAGGY 3, AND SNIPER THOMPSON , ARE FUN TO WATCH , just saying ….IF they dont get a good CENTER before playoffs ,they aint getting out of the WEST , trade zaza and cassipi for a decent CENTER

Jalen Simms says:

Its real funny how you sour cringy and toxic nba fans keep saying how a team is gonna win the finals when they win one game. Dont say anything when they lose, and then start talking when they win again. This goes for any team.

Phillip Jennings says:

OKC vs Warriors and Cavalier vs Celtics are the matchups i really wanna see in the playoffs.

Alyson Araneta says:

The only team that will beat the Warriors is the one who will make one on one good defence. Right now I don’t see any team who do that.

devilsprophet says:

Warriors setting the record straight with this W

marsh mallo says:

I just realized my butthole has hair

Michael Hawkins says:

Javale McGee will help Golden State REPEAT!!!

Jay-Ar Deganos says:

Statement that GS is still the top dog!

Edwin Torres says:

Every time Curry goes into the lane and gets bumped, hundreds of Warriors fans scream "he's getting mugged!" Yet when Pachulia repeatedly crashes into key opponent players, you pull out Physics textbooks and Newtonian theories.

Fernando Henrique says:

2 x 1 OKC!!!

Kingslayer says:

Let the left media and every bandwagoner (ex-Laker fans) slobber on Warrior dick. I prefer if they underestimate the Cavs, Thunder, and Clippers like they did to Trump two years ago.

Trell says:

Should’ve been 2-1 against Houston had they counted Durant’s basket

We all knew the warriors were waiting to destroy the thunder. They took the soul out of em

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