OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | February 24, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season

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OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors Feb February 24, 2018 2/24/2018. Full Game Highlights 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season Basketball

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Ximo Pierto says:

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Cameron simms says:

westbrook pushed nick young kmsl dude mad

Garry Jovin says:

Is it me or where the fuck is jordan bell?

Garry Jovin says:

How yall dickriding westbrook feel? Talking bout okc in 4

Russell Eastbrook says:

I been with rhe Warriors since 2009

Javian Johnson says:

AHH, Warriors dominating OKC. That's more like it. Back to reality

liquidlight86 says:

First Bogut then Draymon and now Zaza. GSW is a dirty NBA team. Without the reffs help they always fall apart.

liquidlight86 says:

GSW can't play D, so they need to hack players. Dirty team that's pampered by the league. They ain't even that good and without the reffs help they always fall apart.

LOYAL LI says:

Hey man this video not the best AT ALLLL … First of all it skip the MAIN PARTS LIKE THE TECHNICAL FOULS CALLED…. then I thought it’s supposed show point for point? Anyhow Altercations, TECHS & points by any other main three stars on the team should be shown during one main video…. !!!

Daniel Ekere says:

Well this was embarrassing

Ashley H says:

Paul George on that Space Jam shit

Amus Patterson says:

It’s just not FAIR

Henry Cruize says:

Waxed that ass.

Cory Tramaine Williams says:

Hahaha it's only 1 game lol still 2-1 I'll see y'all in April

Keith Morley says:

Thunder and crybaby Westbrook like that ASS whooping? Not to mention all the Westbrook thugs.

TheBoss77 says:

JaVale McGee as starter!!!

MrHorusAde says:

Blah blah blah = Warrior fans

Charlie Rakowsky says:

Melo and George turned into garbage after coming to OKC. Well, Melo was always garbage but hopefully George shakes out of it.

Zeko F says:

I am new in NBA. Is Russell Westbrook too good for OKC Thunder? or the team just had a bad day?

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