3 Month Surgery Update – Gastric Bypass RNY weight loss surgery

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here’s a little video talking about the 3 month update that we got from our nurses. won’t talk to the doctor til next week but i’m down 110 pounds, lost 7.5 inches from my waist line, and severely lowered my BMI as well.
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Toxo 27 says:

You have more lean mass than I have mass. I’m 6 foot 3

Hunter Beatty says:

Yes! Please keep updating on your health!!

tracyguilbeau says:

I had R&Y about 3 1/2 years ago.. had to completely pay out of pocket. Thank you Dad for leaving me enough money to have the surgery otherwise i'd probably be dead now… I already was feeling like I wished I was dead…. I mean REALLY wished I was dead… because of downward spiraling health…. it's like night and day, I can relate to many of the things you have to say about the beginning of your journey. I wish you continued success and the best of luck to you.

jace jerome says:

That's awesome

Roger França says:

I just really want this dude to get fucking skinny already.

Tyreek Hill says:

If u can gain it u can lose it! Good job man

Vera Grace says:

you look awesome also like gabe newell

kefkaZZZ says:

When you hit 350 or 400 could we get a skinny version of "I want my God damn Mountain Dew!" sketch? Much appreciated!

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Traxxasboy9087 says:

My nana did it and she has lost 70 pounds and now she does not need insulin and a lot of other things

Linus Murphy says:

You're amazing, Boogie

LouieGrind says:

Holy shit Boogie. You look GREAT! What a fighter. Keep up the good work!

mathew says:

Hey, is there any full body before and after? Can you stand up much better? You’re always in a chair and I’d really love to see a before and after standing up. I truly am not trying to be offensive if anyone does seem to think this comment is. I’d just really love to see a full body before and after. Other than that, you look really slim up top and you look great man!

dn103651 says:

looking good brother

MP Rabie says:

Boogie i love you so much, you're an inspiration to all <3 Stay the amazing person you are <3

Silver Giovanni says:

Keep it up Boogie!!! … I hope you start living healthy and start getting those abs and muscles.

Best of luck!!! :DDDD

immaget datrarri says:

Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you

noballski66stein says:

Wow!You have to update your profile pic now.

Blake Boros says:

Being thin of course is much better than being overweight but it’s not that amazing when everyone thinks your weak, lame, soft, pathetic, and generally not important

venture Daniel says:

Keep it up dood u csn make it

Goku On kush says:

I believe in u boogie keep going don't quit I'm proud of u dude

Fishie Fish says:

Wow!!! I just came to this video from a video he posted in February 2017 and he looks so good!! Way to go boogie!!


Fuck yeah boogie! Keep it up!

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