New wave of airstrikes in Syria

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A new wave of airstrikes left hundreds of people dead, including scores of women and children, after a week of violence in Syria. Washington Post Middle East reporter Louisa Loveluck joined CBSN to discuss.

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khan mMohammad says:

Evil of world America russia and bashar ul asad

laila lilabad says:

Why are u still lying and twisting the truth . Everyone knows u are the supporter and the back up for the terrorist for ur best interest. Hence thanks to Russia for the humanity and the the support.

Rizwan Sultan says:

Stop innocent killings


Stupid muslims

lexxsimf2 says:

Stop turkey aggression against sovereign country Syria!!!!

Iran Press News Agency says:

see orginal video in my page

Be Happy says:

why why…those innocent children were part of this! 🙁 rip

Nick g says:

US supporting their ISIS friends

Bear Ripper says:

another video done, propaganda!

Akshat Singh says:

Where Is ISIS??

Geo Shahsaab says:

Usa ……U make more enemies in the world
Soon USA wipe from the map of world

Starte Christ says:

How much help do you think we can get from the Source of Life simply by asking? Let us watch together.

Starte Christ says:

You pilots dropping those bombs, you can't fly airplanes Forever. You will have to do something else. What will it be? Can you control what you do next? How far do you think you can go past Ma'at (Earth) with bad attitudes about yourselves? Is heaven really divided?

Starte Christ says:

Someone is giving The Christ Trust $666B each time we see one of these. The Pentagon can't afford it, so it will have to come from a collection of warlords. We know who they are. We have their photos in a folder on our computer. Since the energy is present all around us at all times, we can tap into it ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME.

Starte Christ says:

We send the miracle of Love to Syria, the whole Middle East, and the rest of the world.

Starte Christ says:

Source of Life, show us how to use all the energy on the planet to help her rise to become the newest Sun in the universe. Thanks. And so it is (so mote it be)!

David Honey says:

Let the nukes fly

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