Lyme Disease – Illness of Ignorance (6min Brief on Lyme) [HD]

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“Not a Love Song” by Xiren (itunes) (video)

Igenex Testing
– (Lyme Disease Testing: Bob Giguere from IGeneX)

Under our Skin [Documentary Film]
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How to properly remove a tick

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No antibiotics for chronic lyme disease

Celebs w/Lyme

CDC on Lyme Disease: Evidence of Deception


Jay M says:

How bad did it effect playing music ? I also play but the strange thing is I am still able to play ! MUSIC saved my LIFE !

Jennifer Mill says:

I have Lyme Disease, and it's very debilitating! Not everyone gets the bullseye lesion! Therefore I had it for 10 years before I knew I had it!

Carol Wheatley says:

How meny like me are misdiagnosed.

graceellenangel says:

Thank you for spreading awareness!!! Wish I could do more. In my 12th year of late stage lyme, co-infections, & all that brings. We’re all different, but what helped you the most? Please tell people about Armin Labs in Germany. Less expensive than Igenex & better testing/support in my opinion.

Jay Clark says:

yea brother Preach it yyyyeeeeaaaaaaaaa :3

Jay Clark says:

never forget IGENETICS lymes warriors much love mad respect stay calm and strong love lela

Jay Clark says:

much love lela

Jay Clark says:

thw western blot by the cdc is rigged to give false results GO TO IGENETICS,,,,PLEASE fool proof testing

Katie Solvie says:

I just ordered an IGenex testing kit myself, but there are so many choices? Do you have any advice on what type of panel or testing to do?

maddog says:

any bug bug can have it, fleas , mosqutois and its not bacteria its a parasite, this is how cdc is fooling the world! scientists in 70s made it on plum island ! and realsesd the ticks and other bugs into population, theres two differnet kinds i have both ! i was in military and no this crap was bio warfare made! the cdc made the tests impossible for most people to pass partly because its labled as bacteria and its a dam worm has many satges larva small big! more people are dieing everyday from this, if you get a summer flu, its lyme, no such thing as summer flu! ms is lyme fibromaylgia is really lyme. arthritis bad type is usaully lyme! your white or red will be low. cells! insurance dont cover lyme treatment! because there killing us on purpose!

Tom Balsamides Indiefilmsllc says:

hi guys
together let's make #awarenessofLymedisease happen. Make everyone be aware of this devastating disease.
We collaboratively made a well documentation of this so called the Silent Epidemic, a Documentary film named "A Ticking Time bomb" documentary film that's blast with interesting and heart-opening stories and educating everyone about it, only within 60 mins of watching.
Don't hesitate to Click to Fight the Tick! ►


Miez LP says:

I had a tick on my balls … I am afraid of having Lyme Disease

bonnie bassett says:

what do you mean by feeling vibrations in your body ?

Sickof Lyme says:

Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of 2 Lyme disease specialists. Will email a copy to anyone interested. God bless

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