Huffington Post: Gay Men Banned from Feminism

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Huffington Post is up to no good! Enjoy!

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Moon Moon says:

Still no mention of gay death – the phenomenon where if you're gay, 30, and without a partner by then, you're likely to stay that way.

nox5555 says:

He is right about the news paper headline, the sexuality isnt usefull information and shouldnt be included in the headline. its a trick of some more dirty media outlets to get clicks.

Dylan Patel says:

You have no idea how hard I laughed at "Wookie".

Seamus Corey says:

While he is a villain, not a hero, PIed PIper from DC is gay.

Joel Hall says:

What a total fucking moron.

Salvatore Pluchino says:

Gay men band from feminists & come my fellow gay friend too the dark side

ind0ctr1n3 says:

This is not a gay man. This is a queer man. Just listen to how he talks.

gam mal says:

feminism… apparently they also kill the brain cells of gay men. also since biology dictate that men fuck women to have babies, gay are unnatural. its like a cannibal furry saying what is wrong you hummie lover, it is unnatural to fuck other humans you supposed to eat them and god hates you.

gam mal says:

you know what, im just waiting for the day that whoever the girl that he live with or helped him with work to claim 50% of his property. you know it is just a matter of time. big mistake including girl in your life outside of sex.

Fashy Goyim says:

Feminism has been beaten into the grohnd

Bradley Mason says:

My god Undoomed…your voice sends fucking shivers down my spine…no homo

josh boss says:

I'm a gay guy. Mad props Undoomed this guy is an idiot.

Beavis Jones says:

Let them join pisslam

Red Knight X says:

And let this be a lesson kids.

Don't eat Tide Pods and don't smoke weed or you'll end up as stupid as the Millenial Generation.

davidpar2 says:

I have news for you feminists: We gay guys don’t want any part of your bullshit, either.

Jard Red says:

dang it cant use my gay card anymore nooooo! and come on idiot you're making all of us gay guys look bad

White Flowers says:

Not that i'm hating on your style, but you sound like the stereotypical idea of what dystopian radio propaganda would sound like

Michael Giovinazzi says:

You lost points for omitting Will and Grace, but made them back for knowing Vicious! 5 ⭐

Dave The Rave says:

Support Cancer Research.
Support The Sisterhood.


Actually they don't say the Miranda til they interrogate you, not when they arrest you.

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