What’s the Global Economic Outlook for the Year Ahead?

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What lies ahead for the global economy in 2017?

– Laurence D. Fink, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BlackRock, USA
– Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom
– Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor of the Bank of Japan
– Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC
– Wolfgang Schäuble, Federal Minister of Finance of Germany

Chaired by
– Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times, United Kingdom


the rooster says:

Stomp out globalist corruption in democratic and republican parties

Michael Achillas says:

love Larry Fink always classy in his speeches.

A__ l says:

Seems Donald Trump just proved critics wrong!

LONS says:

Only option is to maintaine tree growth

LONS says:

People are not slave ever again to banking system which is fraud from very first time of an creation

LONS says:

About economy and politicians is end road, overcome wider thinking you will see beyond horizon

LONS says:

Don't push terminology rederic to public, all fraud Agenda off all governments

LONS says:

What is inflation? You stupid ashole, Economy is like giant tree growing rapidly no currency is safe about rapidly growing economy

Christopher Van Zien says:

Psychopaths that talk over the heads of world population and share nothing about the reality based on an isolated Fiat currency that consists of 0 & 1 computer programing.

R says:

I'm not an economist or financial advisor. But I remember vividly when we had a crisis in 1979. The media didn't report it. The U.S. Government didn't acknowledge it. But the 7th Fleet went on red alert. I've never confirmed it but I suspect we reached Defcon 1. I do know Admirals and Generals were submitting their resignations like job applications at McDonald's.

It was October. Gold was bouncing in the $380's to $400's. Then, in the next month of November, the Iranian Hostage Crisis erupted like an island volcano. For 444 days, the media reported on three main topics in 1980. The economy which was on the edge of doom much like it was prior to Trump winning his term as POTUS. Ronald Reagan had announced his run for President. So, that was in the nightly news broadcast. But almost every night there were several minutes dedicated to the hostages.

Amazingly, Mr. Reagan won in November of 1980 with great strength. He talked of negotiating from a position of strength. He wasn't afraid to use the military. The Iranians knew this and trembled. On the day of his inauguration, in 1981, the hostages were released. Gold had reached $820 that month. The price began dropping shortly after that. But it only bounced into the $390's later that August of 1981.

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Karatbars is affordable, portable, and exchangeable. I carry a few cards in my wallet.

Gold is not an investment for me. It is my savings program. I don't buy it to sell. I buy it to save. All fiat currency returns to its intrinsic value which is nothing. Gold has never been worth nothing. Only 1% of the population of the world owns physical gold they can hold in their hands. Don't you wonder why you don't. I do.

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Cheng Ji says:

larry seems to be nervers

Meenu Sheoran says:

Point of per capita gdp growth is good from uk

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