Here’s What the U.S. Military Wants to Buy on Budget 2019

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Here’s What the U.S. Military Wants to Buy on Budget 2019

President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2019 budget request includes almost $686 billion to position the military for a more global fight, even as it replenishes aircraft and missiles that have worn out faster than planned due to counter terrorism operations.

The request would procure more fighters and ships, purchase tens of thousands of munitions to replenish stocks used in operations against the Islamic State, and infuse money into both the nuclear triad and missile defense.

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The Rook Matt says:

The increased rate of inflation depreciates the increase in the military budget, just look at what the drop in the ruble did to Russian military spending.

SomeInterestingInfo says:

As a Canadian I can promise the world I will never ever pick up a weapon and go to another persons city or country to fight a war. I will never attack anyone. I will however defend my home if war comes here, but that being said I pray we find peace and are able to throw off the shackles of our war mongering satanic pedophile governments and we can stop believing their lies and stop being forced to hate each other and go to war. We can build an amazing world if we put all our resources and time we put into war into things that will make life better for us all. I'm sick of war and Im ashamed of what my government and the US and European governments are doing around the world in so many things such as war, homosexuality, abortion, racism, wars, etc etc. Why cant we all just get along? We do we allow ourselves to be led into war after war to let the rich stay rich and stay in power. They start wars but we have to fight and die in them and get nothing out of it and the pricks who are responsible for it make billions of dollars and get so many benefits. We have to stop this shit!

nightlightabcd says:

The problem with this comparison of China and Russia and the US is that China can afford it and the USA is $21 Trillion in debt and will be much more in a few years!
But we'll have a military that can take on the whole world. I guess ten super aircraft carrier groups is not enough, along with seven amphibious carriers!

nightlightabcd says:

But the US is $21 Trillion in debt, most of which was driven up by the GOP with government revenues reductions, their anti-government agenda and run amok capitalism and with the reelection of Trump and the GOP it may well be $30 Trillion, being that one of his first acts was to reduce the government revenues even more and then hyped the Trump Wall! By the end of trump's administration, assuming that we are still here!

Leonard Pakruda says:

74-B in the budget that means Fed-emply are getting a rise

Texas Commtech says:

I am totally for this, but along with this we should include a goal of creating and implementing a major program to arm, train, and keep ready a massive CIVILIAN home defense force that would act as an adjunct to our military.
These civilians would be VOLUNTEERS such as myself who have strong traditional American values based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I would build up and unify our current civilian militias by screening current members and also by supplementing them with American civilians who have the desire, mental and physical abilities, and skill sets in things such as marksmanship, communications, intelligence gathering, survival and evasion, medical skills, mechanical maintenance and repair, water purification, electrical power production and distribution, aircraft maintenance, welding, vehicle maintenance, etc.
In the event of an invasion of our homeland, or even if we were deployed other places, we could be highly effective enhancements to our defensive and tactical/strategic goals. These civilians AND their dependents would be compensated by the written assurance of ALWAYS having, at the least, their most basic human needs regularly and well met, including ensuring their ability to pay their normal basic expenses that all humans have, such as house payment or rent, utilities, medical needs, food, etc. We would also enable them to obtain medical services, prescriptions, etc, on a secondary basis behind the military, and through a well organized network of VOLUNTARY SURPLUS resources in the civilian communities. SOME of these volunteers would not need assustance or even pay as they may have their own "stores" or sources by which their needs are met; some volunteers may only need assistance with certain things and only at times, other volunteers may need "full" compensation, but we would of course concentrate on utilizing volunteers who are as self sufficient as possible, and then utilizing others according to their skills and their level of self sufficiency.
These civilian forces however MUST be allowed to serve in an entirely voluntary capacity with the ability to come and go as their personal situations and family obligations permit.

Robert Giggles says:

Perhaps the DOD should use the 2.5 TRILLION that Rumsfeld said DOD had "lost" on Sept 10, 2001…. Then, 9/11 happened…

kempmt1 says:

I don't quite understand the idea of Sequestration other than it reduces our military budget. Where did the money go rather than funding our military?

trapboiiQue beats says:

Drafts coming

Stanley Phillips says:

Nothing about replacing the T-38 aircraft.

vanlalthaa sailung says:

All that money for instrument of killing people. Charts,maps and shits that are shown are all meant for killing people. Strange indeed…

James P says:

The Russian bots and trolls are hard at work in these comments. Imho.

Thomas Lindenthal says:

new weapons for more crimes against human rights and even more money for the backers of the NWO who wants to enslave humanity

Jubei Origami says:

lol… those big defense budgets are only going to accelerate the decline of America with it's already increasing $20 Trillion DEBT.

Todd B says:

Print more money! This shows a growing GDP.

Jamfer Jones says:

Next slide please… next slide please… next slide please.. give me a slide changing button douche bag. What a retard.

billy19461 says:

Better give them money rather learning how to speak Russian or Chinese.

Parag Kale says:

use of artifical intellect robotics in land to land should be used in coming wars

David Wolf says:

This is a great budgetary overview of what the DoD and individual military branches will be needing going forward.

Dr Bendover says:

I guess the price of a Pentagon toilet seat just went up.

Parag Kale says:

trade deficient any should be recovered soon as possible..we should plann to increase our nation trade…to make future reserves

Parag Kale says:

if other nation put pressure on war than after defending the opposite party. .we should put charges of climate change on the challenger. .

vanlalthaa sailung says:

why is the us in syria and spending 250 millions. they have no legal reason to be there. i can understand they being in iraq cause the iraqi govt asked them.

Toni Desenze says:

Looks like Traitor 44 was depleting our military prepping for the NWO. It’s almost beyond belief.

Alexander Toribio says:

Muy bien el volver a mirar a las tres grave amenaza de los países democráticos.

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