F1: Top 10 Overtakes of 2017

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Your votes have been counted so here we go with the top 10 overtakes of 2017…

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Efe Trkmn says:

give Dani and Alonso good cars and watch them overtake everyone!

Jason Spencer says:

Take out spark plugs put push rods there set Ing timing (distrib)

Jean Cavalari says:

Go Vetell, Go Vetell!!!

Heimdall Al says:

Where Is Pérez vs massa and kvyat un china?

Szilárd Ádám says:

No Verstappen? 😀

Luís Vieira says:

For what i have seen in several videos, Ricciardo is a danger to the other F1 pilots, not because is a good driver, but because he risks other drivers lives, one thing is competition the other his reckless driving and lack of respect for the other F1 pilots. He should be banned from F1 before someone dies because of him. Sooner or later you´ll see.

Lane Quick says:

Vettel's move on Bottas- 1) feint towards inside to ensure Bottas would move to defend 2) Feint back to outside to tempt Bottas, who could at that point retake the racing line through the corner if he wished (he does) 3) secures inside line with no possible contest from Bottas. The whole point was to trick Bottas to back out of the defensive line.


the last one must be vettels overtake on the force indias in canada bad chosing for the best overtake

Lashith Niroshan says:

Vettel overtake on bottas should be number one…

frieswithmayo says:

Grid girls out ? Boycott F1 hypocrisy, boycott F1 now !

bedrockcraft Amante says:

Minute .35 sainz in the renault

Debjyoti Karmakar says:

King vettel

F1- Boxenstopp says:

Mehr zur Formel 1 auf meinem Channel 😉

Luis Roman says:

what about Perez on Massa and Kvyat at China

The_iceman_939 says:

….TORNEREMO !!!!!!! FORZA FERRARI !!!!!!! FINO ALLA MORTE !!!!!!!!!!

Äaron Kort says:

what about max verstappen vs raikkonen usa ??

Eric Von says:

Great driving by Hamilton? HE WAS IN THE FASTER CAR! Stupid British commentator.

Aaryan says:

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car overtake into turn 19”

Jared Burgess says:

Palmer's back wheels passing his front wheels in Australia!! 🙂

Firemarioflower says:

You could say Daniel Ricciardo wins twice in Baku.

Brian Wong says:

No. 7? Kimi learning a thing or two from the Flying Finn…

Emanoel Ribas says:

Name of the song?

Web-ber FreNando14 says:

Vettel move on Bottas was the best in my opinion

Jens Mander says:

All 10 overtakes of 2017


Vettel vs Bottas

Say whatever u want but that's the best overtake of 2017

Brendan McCallion says:

0:35 Brundle must have forgotten Ricciardo's overtake on Hamilton in 2015?

Martin says:

4th. A mclaren vs a mercedes, really?

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