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“Our latest Formula 1 2018 news updates as part of our rolling coverage.

– Halo First Look
– Alonso Gets Busier
– Ricciardo Fired-Up
– Promoters Meeting Success
– Wehrlein Hopes for F1 2019
– 2018 Engine Clampdown

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Nick Barban says:

Someone please explain to me how the teams are not supposed to use recirculated exhaust emissions? Have they got rid of the Turbos this year? What am I missing?

charlie stock says:

bottas is at merecades

John S says:

I’ve been watching F1 for 20yrs now and I have never been more disappointed then I am now

The halo looks like it must impede the view out and looks crap as well, the cars are massively safe already so how much cotton wool are we going to wrap the drivers in?

My big one is the cowards at F1 who sacked all the grid girls, instead of protecting them from the loud mouthed feminists they instead ran scared and sacked all the girls

You bunch of cowards

Opinionated_one says:

Ain't Mclaren tipped to be at the top this season, on near it. Hope he can cope with the pressure…More so if they start doing well under Renault.

John Kelly says:

How many of us turn off at the half way mark….may as well have robo drivers aaa everything else is regulated and programmed.Cant wait for the exhilarating sound of all electrics.

Anisotropic Denshangyingyang says:

if verstappen pul out his mechanical logic and tell his mechanic ? he ll be ahead! its that simple , you cant win with mechanic alone. if it was possible big rig driver would not have to tell anything to the mechanic. and if a mechanic tell you something is impossible? most of the time he isnt understang properly the concept you are trying to explain to him

fw1421 says:

Sounds like the FIA is stifling innovation just as bad as NASCAR,and that’s one of the reasons I hate NASCAR as much as I do.

Anisotropic Denshangyingyang says:

only reason they used titanium is because of the geometry adopted . otherwise they could have used flash-bainite .

The Stig's English cousin says:

F1 is shyte now. Bring back turbocharged V12's with four figure horsepower and that proper F1 scream from the exhausts.

Dok Torwhy says:

the halo is dangerous will they remove it when a piece of bodywork gets under the top rail and injure the driver by then it will be to late!

Marcel Van dijk says:

Still looks shit. It not a open car anymore.

Gary Campbell says:

That halo looks disgusting, I'm not watching that. Fuck f1 it's dead. Halo killed f1

ulgn1964 says:

No more F1 for me, boring, Nascar and motogp here we come.

Ma Ze says:

As long as we get a fight for the title between at least two, rather three or four teams I am at peace with all these new regulations and that ugly halo. As long as the drivers say it's not messing with their vision so be it.

WormDK says:

We want Bernie back

Prasad Shirvandkar says:

Ericsson shoudl be cursed. He has destroyed many drivers career because of his money.

Ruben says:

These rules are just killing the sport. Remember when F1 tech was the bleeding edge and advanced modern cars… that era is long gone.

Still I Rise4485 says:

F1 has a new regime running the show, they go by Liberty Media…you know the big mustache guy and his buddies. Wasn't their promise to make the show and racing better and not meddle so much taking away our fan freedoms?

LIBERTY: the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views.

Also… the power or scope to act as one pleases.

"individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own interests and preferences"

So this makes me ponder…is Liberty in Liberty Media for us, the fans, the true F1 backbone?
More than likely, it tells me and other fans that the powers at the top are free to make any decisions they want.

No one wants any of this stuff I'm growing impatient with LM

Layno H says:

I just think thats utterly silly. Restricting air temps? Now we’ll be told they call only go on tracks that turn left??
What next milk instead of Champagne??
Then we’ll be told theres a 500 series ???

Pris Tucker says:

Alonzo pulling weight out here. But no talk of Lewis. Strange

Jan Jaap Wubs says:

Beach flipflop…


It's not Motorsport. ! What a complete mess. But what do you expect when people running the Car Manufacturers Series for developing road Cars. Are making all the Decisions. F1 give me a break. Coz it's clearly broken. Only kids watch this crap now. !

Leon L says:

I see the limitations as a plus. Taking away the bigger team money factor and advantage.

Nick Harper says:

no one mentioning ericsson lol XD

Umut Yüce says:

We must start a protest or campaing this people wont stop until we say so and they will change the sport drastically

Austin VanDerGeld says:

Over regulations are killing the sport.

upside downdog says:

That halo is going to kill someone. A London bus doesn't go 200+ mph! Fernando should leave F1 and do Indycars and endurance racing.

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