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We’re revisiting the Solana Beach project, to bring you the entire home in one video! We’re also including the professional photography that we just got back. Hope you love it!

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound


It's My Life says:

Great as usual. I love the pool table area. It's different .

Panikovskii says:

Was the budget like 300k? No less then 200K I bet.

That's Byers says:

Really nicely done. It's obvious a lot of work went into these designs. Great videos, keep it up!

Gia Capria says:

LOVE the transformation. You are a genius ❤️

Fashion Design says:

Top 30 3D Wallpaper Designs for Living Room
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ngodival says:

What is your sea painting doing in the billiard room? I think that waiting looked amazing in your home.

TheQueenyla says:

I actually chose the wrong job!

Donna Stirling says:

I absolutely! Love your designs! This home was done with so much elegance and comfort.

Akanksha Kochhar says:

Guys! Check out her daughter’s channel – Live Your Style if you’re looking for budget friendly and ideas for rentals like me! She’s AMAZING! Makes her own coffee tables and shops from Target! ♥️ so relatable! Not that I don’t love Rebecca, she’s just out of my league for now (aah, someday)! :p

Melissa Carroll says:

Beautiful❤️As Always!
My favorite room is the Navy Room and yes that mirror is gorgeous, especially on top of that Blue colored painted wall.
I’m redecorating my Boyfriend’s Master Bedroom with Navy & Gold colored accessories with my all white bedding, it’s looking good so far. Thanks to you, for teaching me how to do it properly.
Love your Style my Lady!
Loving the design sessions too. Thanks for sharing your hearts passion with all of us. May God Continue to Bless You Always!

HSE Decor says:

Follow me ❤

Laurel Glasgow says:

Love the blue room, but…A mirror over a bed really worries me in case of an earthquake.  I was in the Northridge Earthquake in the 90's.  I am now into hanging beautiful picture quilts over my beds.

johnkarol95 says:

I love the transition of your video from the past few years. It's so beautiful! Your style never get old. ❤

Flexmeister says:

who was that man bun guy? Must be nice to have all that money to remodel

Svetoslava Trifonova says:

Rebecca, I love what you are doing with your clients homes. Wish I could afford you 🙂

Michele Grigsby says:

OMG!!! You have done it again. Love this house, keep them coming.

janice chambers says:

Stunning as always Rebecca were were you I missed you from Xmas xx

Forever Home says:

My favourite is the Blue Room! That colour is so LUSCIOUS!

claudia cox says:

You’re a genius love it!!!!!

Susana Villarreal says:

i love everithing YOU do !!!

BasimahKnowsHow says:

This is soooo AMAZINGLY DESIGNED!…I can't wait to start design school.

Jessika Mouchet says:

"Do you think there's like a lot of us in here?" LOL! You're my (more talented) twin

Lisa Haapaoja says:


Arely Castillo says:

I love this but when you said “no snakes were harmed…even if they were I really wouldn’t mind” kind of found that offensive


During all these days that you have not posted your videos I have surfed on the internet seeing other interior designers and definitely your style is UNIQUE, everything you do you put a touch of sobriety and elegance that definitely makes all your work have that special touch. Congratulations. I love your work, thanks for sharing it.

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