Get An Inside Look At The 2018 Toronto Interior Design Show

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Tour the 2018 Interior Design Show with H&H’s Beth Hitchcock and Kimberley Brown. Get the inside scoop on the latest products and top trends for the coming year. Plus, go inside the most inspiring exhibits.

For more, join us on House & Home Sunday to see design talks by Lynda Reeves and Beth Hitchcock, as well as design insiders Brian Gluckstein, Tommy Smythe, Richard Ouellette and Karim Rashid. Find more information here:


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Salome Dagnachew says:

Great tour. I was at IDS 2016 and hope to be on the 2019 show. I would like to do the same kind of video in Amharic to share it with my people. Great Job.

LESNIKstudio says:

Please make more of this. It was very interesting.

Goal Arq says:

thanks for sharing! greetings from Argentina!

Angie says:

This is so refreshing!! Thank you, H&H!

HippoDino Reserve says:

The IDS video is always a treat.  Thank you!

Val Dudka says:

Thank you for the video!

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Andrew Ritchie says:

LOVE that matte black sink!

flipthecoin888 says:

Love this thanks for taking us there!

Patryk Krygowski says:

Optical Art Week is here! Just for 7 days our collection of opt-art posters is 50% off!

Our Florida Garden says:

Thanks for taking us with you. That was fun!

Naomi says:

that tv is interesting but i am hating the 70s styles everywhere… maybe a little bit of the classier 70s shapes/colours, but not a full overhaul of it please

Ashley HW says:

I liked the tour. I would love ❤️ to go in real life so I’m glad you were able to do this.

Trev L says:

Since when do fingerprints show up on stainless steel sinks? That's a new one on me.

nana buster says:

Ugly design. Modern furniture has no soul.

Sandesh Codhadu says:

Less presenters and more products would be good.

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