Day 6 Chemo fighting acute myeloid leukemia AML

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We were doing unboxings but we decided to document this fight, this war, battle by battle, from her point of view, our point of view. My wife was diagnosed with leukemia on a Friday and we were at the doctor on a Monday morning to find out it was acute myeloid luekima and the next day we drove about 4 hours, left our kids with family, left our jobs, family and home.  This will be hard to do but I would do anything for her. This us to give people a look at our journey.  After all we need something to do, we might laugh, we might cry, we might look horrible or like we haven’t slept, but we will be together, and everyone needs to know how tuff this woman is. I love her! #STURMSTRONG has became our battle cry!
Chrissy’ s leukemia is not genetic, it is just a mutation, it is in the favorable category, the other categories are intermediate and unfavorable, and that it responds to chemo positively with a 60% success rate after just the 1st week of chemo, as of right now that also means she will more than likely not need a bone marrow transplant.


zacatetas says:

Chemo and radiation have been proven in clinical studies to induce aml. Good luck . Father protect this woman , give her comfort and strength and repel the devils who wish to benefit from her insurance.

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