Cardi B FLIRTING with Rob Kardashian After Weight Loss; What Would Blac Chyna Think?

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As we all know, Rob has been battling with his weight for quite a few years now which is also one of the reasons why he prefers to stay out of the public eye. However, when Cardi B gets involved, no one can hide! Comments By Celebs has brought our attention to Cardi B commenting on a side by side pic of Rob showing process with his weight loss, and it was totally cute and supportive! But we can’t help but think how Blac Chyna would feel about this comment.

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Jessica Singh says:

I LOVE Me some rob skinny or fat!

Jarvias Owens says:

This channel is so far from the culture it's humorous.

M Lane says:

She don't want him

Devon Wilford says:

that's a woman giving a man a compliment that's what's up

Devon Wilford says:

beautiful dress cardi B

sacoope1 says:

Offset is repulsive.

Fays Q. says:

I hate this channel

Natalia Stornello says:

I'm glad he's losing weight

aneete N. says:

Rob only posts beutiful videos of dream…unlike blac chyna she only be twerking and partying around(cps take her daughter away from her please and give her to rob)

andy tambling says:

chyna never loved rob she wanted that next pay cheque LOL

Rachel W says:

That’s why you can’t compliment people, some will take it the wrong way

Queen kami says:

Flirting? Lol y'all some weirdos!

Gil Terrero says:

Rob Kardashian is a Cuckold, plain and simple, what female in their right mind would want to be with a Cuckold, just for media attention.

Gil Terrero says:

Stupid video, Chyna doesn't love or like Rob. Khloe doesn't give a fuck about her retarded brother

Zoey Adeyemi says:

Am lost… R u guyyys maddd??? So ur minute brain thinks commenting on someones social media is FLIRTING!!! LIKE R U DUMB??? ever heard of moral support….did u pass through school? Pls kindly bring in real news nt fake news….thanks

Christina Agosto says:

What kind of accent does she have?

Diana Lopez says:

Cardi and rob would be perfect we all love the idea! Okkuurrr!

Brandi Lewis-Morgan says:

WTF! Scared of Blac Cyna SMH! Cardi is probably LHAO I would love to see Chyna go after Cardi
Cardi would put her on her ass! Cardi is a better women then Chyna in every single way & I would love for Rob to move on & show Chyna that he can get with another female who is a Million time better then her in every way. Chyna is a useless,CRAZY, Ugly, gold digging bitch who used Rob for his last name & Rob has his weight issues but is still an great loving loyal guy & deserves way better

Jayden Ellis says:

Omg yall stop tryna start stuff all she said is yassss rob not damn rob

Adriana Noelle says:

I guess “Yasss” is the new flirt for all these new-age morons.

Z The Brat says:

He has an Instagram again ?


And another misleading title from your one and favorite YouTube channel ..come on kinda getting tired of clicking things that just waste 3mins of my life. –_

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