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I speak about my weight loss surgery story in hopes that it helps someone who is contemplating this option.



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Perry Mccomb says:

Thank you for being honest. You will go Very far in life because you are telling the truth to help a lot of people including my self stay blessed

Wallace Johnson says:

Bro you just inspired me.


wow. SO PROUD of you Brix!!!!! wow! amazing testimony

haynon oh says:

So this is Click Bait,

bigrah35 says:

Brix man, I have no clue how I finally ran into your videos but I have been encouraged big time by you. I'm baffled by any thumbs down you receive. Thank you for the inspiration you bring

luckyguy09 says:

great friend you have that's truly inspiring. thanks for sharing. hope I can find a true loyal friend like that.

Michael Hébert Music says:

You are so inspirational, God Bless You … Thank you.

Dan Keenan says:

How they gonna have an advert for Domino's on this video, not fair Man :/

Rashad Brown says:

I can relate to the feelings of wanting a surgery and also knowing I can beat this if I just really try so thx your very inspirational man

Lodia Moore says:

A big shout out to you Brix from the Land Down Under, Australia.

Thank you bro for being vulnerable – for sharing with us your honesty. As people who make up communities and societies throughout the world, it is often all too easy for us as individuals to hide behind masks. Your openness in sharing your struggles and then success and the importance of having a regime to keep that needed focus has encouraged me deeply today. Today I plan to make a change: to plan to change my mindset. Today I make the choice to choose happiness. Today I choose to begin to live an active and happy lifestyle.

I will keep you posted on my progress. God bless you Brix.

Once again,
Thank you.

Margaret Falero says:

The steps of a Man are ordained by the Lord, And He delights in his way. When he fall, he will not be hurled headlong. Because the Lord is the one who holds is hand. I have been young and now i am old, PSALM 37:23-25 That's why you didn't get the surgery. God Bless

Brandon Worix says:

I suggest ppl watch vids of ppl that have had WLS before thinking it’s a cop out…trust me …you will think about it differently

Brandon Worix says:

I will say that it allows ppl the ability to workout and do more exercises due to the fast weight loss in beginning…I don’t regret it

Brandon Worix says:

Much respect bro…I love your vids …I had the gastric sleeve and I’ve lost over 110 pounds 7 months out…I don’t see my self gaining it back because I did it a rough time in my life…wife left me…lost over 13k due to divorce and through that I still worked out..stay committed… I’m not looking to associate with the same individuals before my transformation I’m committed long term…it is a great tool but you definitely have to work…

Nevaeh Kurtinafer says:

It is my first successful diet. If only this diet would have been in my life a lot earlier. Ensure that you google 4FatLossFast. Com Of all the weight loss plans in the world, this is the best, I lost Almost 8 lbs.

Rob Brooks says:

What has happened to all the videos with the useful and motivating content??? No workouts, no eating tools….

Sophia Melonē says:

Awww Joe!!!!!!!!!

Cameron Johnson says:

Can you do a video or answer a question about excess skin or man boobs? I have excess skin around my chest area and I’ve tried a lot of different things. Haven’t been able to lose it.

Mr Andy says:

i just found your page recently and had to follow. Dope content! Blessing to you and yours.

Warlord1015 says:

Not click bait. Technically this IS his weight loss surgery story lol. Very inspiring bro. I'm a new Sub

Tony Bryant says:

Your videos titles are starting to be misleading.


and show us like the food u eat and stuff

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