Toddler’s seizures treated with medical marijuana

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Lavie Parush was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, but since his parents began giving him medical marijuana, they say his seizures are nearly gone. CNN’s Oren Liebermann reports.


Steve Perry says:

The THC is the healing part!!! You NEED the THC!

Wayne Hancock says:

a pill with out thc…… in a lot of states…..

Joe Dodge says:

Sessions wants more things to be illegal so his rich lawyer buddies can make more money. Pot smokers are easy to catch and they have money. So, Jeffrey does not care about states rights, people's health or tax revenue.

Aced YT says:

Does that mean he’s a stoner? illuminati confirmed..

Sir ravix of fourhorn says:

Absolutely amazing! Why the hell is this life improving/saving drug illegal!

mcozy333 says:

the simple answer to why cannabis stops seizures= neuronl connections in the brain… via lipophilic structuring cannabinoids created in cannabis and consumed in humans will form a bio-network of functional lipid molecules that serve to activate / modulate surface ligand receptor intracellular signalling upon the surfaces of every cell! your every cell that makes you an entire organism uses cannabinoids to signal messages for the cells survival… without these bio-active cannabinoid signals the cell would go dormant and die off from lack of extracellular communication and subsequent oxidation

Dank Banana says:

Its weird that a plant gets compared to meth

uncle ruckus says:

That kid's blown

legomypancakes says:

15 mg of thc will send you into another dimension if thats whats in a drop or the whole bottle idk

loudmouth vandals says:

That kid looks high af!

stevetrent williamson says:

It is truly inspirational to see that cannabis has emerged as the medical marvel of the 21st century, with typical users ranging from children to adults and even senior citizens.

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Duck Huck says:

Make it illegal!

Conspiracy Theorist says:

you know the parents lowkey use a little thc concentrate once in a while

Tommy Morgan says:

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Sam Sananikone says:


Thomas Pedersen says:

Well done Daddy, ❤️

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