Kara’s cannabis treatment for autism self agression

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I live in Texas and illegally treat my daughter with high THC cannabis. We are telling our story in an effort to change Texas law.

Kara has always had a team of doctors. We continue to evaluate her treatment options. She currently takes 8 prescription medicines. We are not anti-doctor. Cannabis is the best medicine, by far, for halting acute behaviors.

This video shows a typical treatment and outcome. The treatment is vaporized cannabis. Vapor is not harmful. It is not smoke. High-THC cannabis treatments always work. They stop Kara’s acute behaviors 100% of the time. It stabilizes her mood within minutes. Her good mood usually lasts all day.

We’ve observed no developmental slippage or negative side effects. On the contrary, she’s made remarkable developmental progress over the last year. Improved awareness and focus. Gains in life skills.

Cannabis is a miracle for her.


Solar Panel says:

I cry when watching these videos. A plant helping children…being criminalized and looked down upon….shame on this world… shame on the citizens for not demanding this… you can overdose on WATER before cannabis…

Jaelyn Edwards says:

Get rid of it

The carry Monster says:

Why are you all asking for it to be legal? It’s your life, your sons life your daughters life etc, fuck asking permission to live!! It’s disgusting you’re all put in this situation!! And you shouldn’t have to ask to be allowed, if the government won’t help you because there’s not enough money to be made by them and only them then fuck them go your own route

The government was created and is here to serve us, we are it’s boss not the other way around!!

Its about time they remembered that! Because they can just be replaced as easily as all their synthetic shit!

journeystarr says:

Looks like her adult diaper is sticking out of her pants


Thank you for your courage on speaking out and telling your story.

L Williams says:

No stone unturned. Great parents just never give up. Way to go!

AdamPlex says:

she seemed so happy by the end, that is awesome


i feel so sad

Juanpablo cientodos says:

that relaxed my mind

Chicken Lad says:

Wtf did i just watch

Mike Gallar says:

Zartler, this is a very amazing video. I smoke a pot hit daily just before going to bed. This are called mcrodosis. The effect kicks in in about 5 minutes and lasts me some intense about 1,5 hours and it decreases over night. But when I eat a teaspoon of decarboxilated pot (ovened pot) mixed with honey (looks and tastes like a delicious mermelade) the effect lasts me some intense for at least 4 hours and gets off with lesser intensity in about 6/9 hours. In a constipation case, that happened personally to me, the effect of a single teaspoon lasted 32 hours. I used this preparation (grinding pot, ovening it for 35 minutes without burning it and mixing it with honey) on an autist boy that was loosing weight. His health improved greatly almost in less than a week. There is NO LETHAL DOSE in eating or smoking any pot ammount. If you store this formula in the freezer it'll lose potency. Just store it on your dining table. I live in Mexico City and here marijuana is also illegal preventing people who needs it from using it. This is a mere cruelty for the benefit of Big Pharma. This quick preparation made by yourself costs only a fraction (1/20) of the mainstream medical cannabidiol oil (from Hemp not from Marijuana) prescribed now to patients in México. Its necessary the patient eats marijuana so its effect reaches and helps the neurons in the patient's guts and from there the effect also will reach the brain neurons. But your video, shows interestingly that smoked THC works quickly on a patient. Eaten pot will make the effect last longer and in very small doses (chip cost). God bless Cannabis on Earth. Saludos desde México.

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