Going Nuclear – The Science Of Nuclear Weapons – Part 2 – Chain Reactions

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With the basic theory having shown that a nuclear chain reaction was possible the next step is to actually make it work, first with a stable nuclear reactor – the Chicago Pile 1. Then we discuss how to go from a controllable reactor to the very first nuclear device – the Little Boy.


twistedyogert says:

Is it possible to use the fuel from decommissioned nuclear warheads to fuel a reactor?

Peter Hamilton says:

Have there every been any cases of a device exploding from pre-detonation during assembly?

OldGamerNoob says:

Never understood where the heavy water physically came into place in this design. That, though, along with information about Abner would probably not be something that THEY would let you get your hands on easily. 😉

NoahThomas29 says:

Well my brain is hurting.

LtSpoon06 says:

When I worked at a research reactor, we would achieve prompt criticality all the time when we would replicate (on a much smaller scale) a power excursion by ejecting a control rod from the center of the core. The prompt negative temperature coefficient would automatically bring the power level back under control before any operator input. Pretty neat. Plus the blue flash of Cerenkov radiation is pretty cool too.

criticalfxck13 says:

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That is one bitter cat

Ben Quinney says:

Chernobyl was a steam explosion

H C says:

come to think of it, richard rhodes book doesnt describe the little boy neutron generator either…. only the implosion device neutron generator…. hmm

Mush V. Peets says:

Ah, so 'prompt critical' is a bad thing… because that's the point at which a reactor is critical just from the prompt neutrons. Neat.

Noah says:

Don't worry, Scott. I'll go watch three of your monetized videos after I finish this series

Ben Quinney says:

Eliminate redundancy

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