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Just answering a very good question & helping a fellow Weight watcher.


kellafornia1964 says:

@DaunParadox Yes, And that is what happens when we deprive ourselves, we finally have what we want but we get out of control, it's like someone who has not had enough water, they drink & drink until they get sick or are so full of water that they cannot stand it. Do not deprive, & i guarantee you that after you teach yourself to eat just a little of what you are depriving yourself then after a few weeks you will have programmed yourself to keep doing that, Like WW's teaches us portion control 🙂

kellafornia1964 says:

@DaunParadox Your very welcome, & please remember to drink at least 64 oz. of water a day because that flushes the sodium excess retained water & other stuff out of your body. Also feel free to ask if you ever need advice, I am here to help as much as i can, stay positive & focused & remember the Key words, Water, do not deprive & count points on everything you eat. Also start out with a good breakfast. Your most important meal of the day is breakfast. Take care & good luck.

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