Our Battle Ongoing: Lyme Disease in Australia | Full Documentary

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Our Battle Ongoing takes a look into the lives of Australians across the nation currently suffering from Lyme disease or a Lyme-like illness. Every individual has their own unique story as symptoms differ from person to person, but they are all united in a common cause of seeing recognition come to those suffering now and for the generations to come. With little to no help currently available, some have to take drastic measures in order to receive treatment. Our Battle Ongoing brings to light the tragedy of living with an invisible illness in Australia.

Directed by Andy Smith


Mari Hahn says:

You being paid to research? Non profitable researchers figured out what you still deny a decade ago! What happened to them???

Helen1685 says:

1:11 – not sure about the rest of Europe but it’s far from easy to be taken seriously in the UK if you tell GP you have had tick bite. My GP insists you can’t get tick bites in UK despite me knowing for a fact it was a tick bite. Ignorance at its finest.

Kids Future says:

Australia (and many Australians) have sold out to BigPharma and corporations in recent decades (and the CIA/ USA)…. lock, stock and barrel. When I was a med student in the early 90's I could see it coming, hence I dropped out. At least back then, we had perhaps the best western medical system and research in the world. The top 3 reasons for med students choosing medicine when I was at Sydney Uni (by official survey) were 1) money 2) prestige 3) 'because my parents did it'. Also 80 of 100 students were rich asian students who had bought their way in (anyone tell the aussie students who missed out?). Any altruistic reasons were way down the bottom of the list, so this is the system we how have, and in fact many Aussies have voted for it somewhat…. (I am a Lymie too). Materialism wins, and that's without going into CDC corruption, Plum Island, USA bioweapons released on civilians, human caused climate catastrophe….. so here comes the karma.

PhillyJilly says:

Australian girl appearing on video: Never EVER sit on an elephant again. The elephant CAN'T tell you if they have Lyme. What a beautiful advantage for anyone. Early morning – you can bet there's a sharp edge on the end of that stick digging baby & adult elephant "handlers". Maybe for you it's entertaining. Not me & a lot of people.

Lynn Durbin says:

This is an absolute excellent film that should be required viewing of all medical personnel. What was not mentioned was the biowarfare weaponised infections concerning OPS (outer surface protein) manipulation by injecting viral genetic material making the microbes more virulent.

Lisa Bevill says:

I had heard that all doctors treating lyme in Australia were being run out of the country. I SO hate this for everyone suffering. I've been fighting 10 yrs now and can so relate. Question: For everyone in Australia, do you feel like more LLMD's are coming out to treat it.. or are they keeping a low profile? Are your doctors being threatened? Do you have medical insurance that will cover your treatment? Do you have any alternative, holistic doctors that are helping you? Would love to hear if you are dealing with the same issues we are here? Too many people are sick here to ignore anymore.. it's slowly changing here, but still too slow! God bless you guys and praying God heals us all quickly and that we get more LLMD's treating us and that all of our medical communities wake up!!

My Fight To Live says:

If anyone can help me please watch my videos on youtube

cougar5144 says:

Sickening disease . My wife has this and it has torn us apart .

Her meltdowns are insane !

Med Institute says:

At our clinic we treat lyme disease.After 1 month of the treatments there is no infection found in the blood.We have lots of patients from Australia as well.

A Boston says:

Thank you for spreading awareness on this disease. It takes patience, self-compassion, and an experimental, open minded attitude, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I never thought that I would recover and I am actually better. The medical community has a long way to go. I highly recommend meditation and/or yoga, as well as whatever medicines you take.

VegemiteQueen1 says:

Thank you to Andy and Cassie for their hard work on this project.

The Australian medical community has a long way to go.

Lymersteve says:

and i thought the medical ignorance, indifference or denial of Lyme Disease was bad here in Canada, id say we are a close second as the worst place in the world to have it, this is a very good presentation… i just finished watching it and find it to be the best ive yet seen..seems it is like Canada

moora mcmillan says:

The blood was sent to Germany for testing ? this is really quite hard to believe ? Not being able to test blood in Australia for Lyme disease ? are we a third world country ?


thing happened in the US. They didn't believe anyone not from a traditional lymme disease states could have it either. They all seemed to think the problem with the Dr's was because the amount of money and time it takes to treat chronic lymme disease. Maybe the AMA has this problem too. Also if Dr's


Lots of people with chronic illnesses, especially rarer or under diagnosed ones that have many, many wildly variable symptoms are told they are crazy. People with Multiple Sclerosis were treated the same years ago too. I takes a long time for Dr's to accept new diseases at the best of times. Same

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