Future medicine: Daniel Kraft at TEDxAcademy

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Physician – Scientist -Inventor – Entrepreneur and Innovator, Daniel Kraft, discusses the technological advancements that give us the great chance to re-imagine health care for the future.


Stern M says:

Brilliant presentation…I want more of this to spread the word…

Kevin Bond says:

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Pia Arena LLanos says:

Amazing …. wow…
and the other side is-  No $$$$ = 0000s medical care

valar says:

30% of our healthcare dollars are wasted…wow…that's actually a positive sign, that area of improvement is already there.

Josep Bru says:

Absolutely incredible! I did miss some mention to anti aging medicine, like SENS

Pedro Arroyo says:

23andMe doesn't do full genome sequencing. They do "SNP genotyping" which basically means they just test a few locations on the genome. That's why they're so cheap.

Evan Webb-Stuart says:

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

pieanim says:

Genome sequence at 1 or 2000 dollars? Rip off! Obviously hasnt heard of 23andMe etc

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