Weequay Species Biology, Society, and History

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Learn everything there is to know about the Weequay race, made famous by Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang in the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels!

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Peyton Ennis says:

Please do a video like this on those praying mantises like the one in the cantina.

Star Wars Versus Man says:

Nikto species +StarWarsExplained

Johnny Ace says:

Can you do the shistavanen species.

Just Another Joe says:

I freaking hate Hondo, but thanks for making this video!
I remember getting that Weequay figure way back in '83 and thought he looked pretty cool!

Matt Steninger says:

Over 3 minutes of meticulously researched information and excessively detailed trivia…
"But that's all we know so far!"
Jeez, I can't wait to see it when you REALLY put some effort into one of these! 😀

Samuel Kerby says:

I have been interested in the Gendi (Durge) for a while if possible please can you make a video about them at some point.

Janko says:

It'd be cool if throughout The Clone Wars and Rebels you could see his braids disappear or appear depending on how long he'd been away from home in a given episode. It'd be a good way to communicate how independent he is of his species and their traditions.
I really like Hondo sorry

Oisin Kelly says:

Please cover the Rohi

Filip Nyström says:

Do sullustan

Kurlija says:

How about the Bith?

Calvin Matthews says:

Do the Chiss!


the kaminoans

Nick N says:

You probably already answered this but where did humans come from?

RpgDestiny says:

Weequays aka, the ugliest mothafuckas in Star Wars. In a point more related to… well, the actual subject matter did it ever bother anyone that typically in the EU species were basically given a single thing they were good at- the entire species- and anything else its just like shrug but then you get to species like humans and its like "they can do anything yay!". I'm hoping they won't continue the trend in canon, but I also haven't seen much reason to believe they won't.

Zachary Damascus says:

I vote for the Neti.

Captain Clovian says:

Hondo's coming back for Rebels Season 4. Yay!

What did you do to Snoke says:

Please do one of these on the Talpini (the race Weeteeth Cyu Bee is) from Rogue One. That would be a challenge to do!

Christian Hardesty says:

I think you should look to maybe do a video on little known facts of the human species in Star Wars. Stuff that differs from real life. There may not be enough information for a whole video, but something that has always intrigued me was the timeline of ROTS, and how Padme's pregnancy didn't quite line up. That could be explained by some interesting details. Stuff like that could make a pretty good video.

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