What Does Nicotine Do? ZB Vape School

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What Does Nicotine Do?

Nicotine is a widely used substance that is an ingredient in tobacco products and also many vaping products. The goal of this video is to give you some basic information on nicotine and its effects.

Nicotine is a naturally occurring stimulant found in the nightshade family of plants and much like caffeine, it is present in the plant as a natural insecticide. Although it is sometimes administered orally or transdermally, it is typically absorbed via inhalation. When inhaled, nicotine-rich blood passes from the lungs to the brain within seven seconds and immediately stimulates nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Nicotine also extends the duration of the positive effects of dopamine.

Nicotine’s mood-altering effects vary from user to user, but it typically has the effects of being both stimulating and relaxing. It also has the effect of being an appetite suppressant which can potentially have the side-effect of weight loss.

Nicotine, like caffeine, is habit forming and similar withdrawal symptoms can occur when use is discontinued.

When taken in low doses, nicotine increases cognitive function, particularly in fine motor skills, attention and memory. Negative effects can occur when nicotine is administered in high doses.

As with any substance, nicotine’s effects vary from user to user, so pay close attention to the ways in which it affects you.

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Create1 says:

Instructions unclear got wiener stuck in coil

Dark_Kross1 says:

Do these e liquids have THC in them?. I'm planning on buying e liquid for my vape but I don't want THC. Thank you. Nice video by the way!.

moiz chughtai says:

What about throat hit?

Charlie paula Weissman fairchild says:

Nicotine from a Vape juice keeps my nerves very much settled just like when I drink soda I got to have it caffeine keeps me going I have been smoking since I was seventeen off and on Then I had children I met my second husband when I was 28 When I met my second husband that is when I start smoking again and that was in 2008 2009 as of last year I quit smoking cigarettes and a friend of mine that’s my BFF had bought me a Vape he was trying to help me quit smoking cigarettes and go to Vaping because it’s better and it’s healthier for you he has pretty much added five or more years to my life by getting me a Vape so I am very blessed to not be smoking cigarettes because they are now considered nasty to me I don’t even like the smell of them now that I’ve been Vaping I wish that everyone could quit sooner and start sooner because when you wait longer to quit smoking cigarettes and start vaping the harder it is So I am going to pray and hope that all the ones that smoke cigarettes are to quit as soon as they can and to buy a Vape and start beeping and add more time to your life I hope this comment will give others some positive outcome and outlook and give them the courage and the strength to fight those cigarette habit and start getting into the Vape habit

Southern Yankee Homestead Journey says:

New sub Great video thanks for the wonderful information thanks for sharing

holang gasi namu choi says:

Where do I get merch, cuz it's not in your account info and it's not in the bio on your videos.

Damien Mac says:

thanks for the vid zampledudes, it keeps me awake, so i cant vape nico at night or i dont sleep

Thijs Vanheyste says:

Also, it is highly addictive. 😉

Squidly Tris says:

Thats why i feel so good with a vape and a coffee…. nictine and caffeine are my best friends !!!

Christopher bale says:

Nicotine, caffeine, and sativa keep me sane. Vaping 6+ months now and wish I would've started 10yrs ago. Smoked cigs for 24yrs quit first day I got a mod.

Candycorn mel says:

Informative! Good job guys. =^.^=

dannyobo says:

Useful! i'm pretty sensitive to it so I kinda keep to the low end of the scale

Raw Talk With John Cleem says:

That was very helpful

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