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Answering all your graphic design related q’s! (open for all links & info)
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xo lindsey


AveX says:

She loves black ^^

HeyItsEmma861 says:

Hi lindsey, im going into uni for design and i was hoping you would do a video on what you use to make your creations, i dont know much about design yet and i would love to know what kind of tech you need, or programs you use to create your projects.
Thanks! Love your videos so much!

Naveyond says:

Hi Lindsey I don't if you're going to see the comments or not, but I just want to say I love your videos and your personality. I'm currently under a lot of stress because of my college admission process, I want to major in Graphics Design too, but I'm not good at drawing, and a lot of the colleges I'm looking at requires a portfolio from you, so now I don't know what i should do, should I switch majors? or should I just try my best and hope for the best? I would be so happy if you could give me some advice!

gorilla princess says:

i love u & ur channel. ur my inspiration! i want to become a graphic designer and this helped a lot 🙂

Mind_Ramble says:

I would love to see how your School is set up and organised. I went to uni for graphic design for 2 semesters and I was so disappointed. It was so expensive and we had next to no classes it seemed like a total rip-off. I'm a graphic design apprentice now and I am really enjoying it. I'm so happy that I make the leap to dropping out of uni.

If you can it would be great to see a day in a life of your school day 🙂

lakotatransformer says:

can u do a sketchbook tour thing again 🙂

Laurent de backer says:

Oh man, this is the first video i see from you and guess what? I subbed 😛 I'm also a graphic web designer, so it's nice to see other people with the same passion 🙂 You are doing really great, i can tell! 😀

Grayling Imprint TV says:

Great Stuff! I would love to feature you.

Priscila Fonseca says:

How do you deal with creativity block?

Nina M. says:

your style is EVERYTHING and you're so talented!! xx

Artzzy says:

What classes did you take in high school for Graphic Design. I don't know if the classes I take in high school will affect what college I go to.

Nicole Lauren says:

I'm earning a BS in Graphic Design at NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Downtown San Diego. I have always wanted another perspective / insight of how other schools handle the major or whether or not it is different, but it sounds exactly the same at Chapman!! In a way this is relieving?? Im about to be a sophomore- it's so nice to find someone, especially on youtube, that shares the same interest, id love to hear / see more!

SINAI says:

im gonna be a forensics major but still watching cause i love your energy sm xo

VaporPfff says:

I can literally watch your videos again and again and again…

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