Graphic Design | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial | Realistic Yolk

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Graphic Design | Adobe Photoshop | Realistic Yolk
In this Episode we will be be creating realistic egg Yolk in Photoshop. First we will create the base structure from a circular shape using Warp option. Then we will draw out the details using brush and finally the Yolk using layer mask option and gradient. Check out the video to see the full process!

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Christopher Tan says:

Looks like youre in a Hurry slow down

Siyem Siyem says:

Ustat somad

Temur Ahmad says:

see the interesting design portfolios at

Rawoonah2cool says:

A lot of work goes into just making an egg yolk lol

Anubhav Bhatt says:

Faster than a Bullet train…Plz slow down.

Alief Darmansyah says: visit how design coreldraw simple thanks for reveiw guys

kitty cats says:

Can u create more tutorials for realistic designs would be very nice to Practice on as a beginner

Tarun says:

you made one hell of a video but its pointless if we dont understand it

Sam Killed The Bear says:

warp not wrap

Rasheed Freckleton says:

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