Web Design Trends 2017 | Complex to Minimalistic

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Hey guys, thanks for dropping by! This video is a collection of four super amazing and perfectly built websites and each has some amazing website designing trends which we go through.

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Links to the websites in the video:

1. http://thewebsitebaba.com
2. http://pomerleau.ca
3. http://species-in-pieces.com
4. http://curvy.dk/beagle/site/
5. http://because-recollection.com


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BunBun Leeng says:

your voice is too boring

training2 training2 says:

Beagle is already gone in the web… sad…

Souvik Das says:

the lettering for thewebsitebaba is cringe worthy.

Rohan Kumar Sahu says:

species in pieces what animation or tech it uses can some one explain



Ghost Gutarist says:

As a UX guy I say, Designwise good, Experience wise, it's SHIT.

Learn UX says:

Really complex interpretation of trends – and it's interesting how we can now, in the middle of 2017, see which ones of these are actualy on top.

Brylle Adaniel says:

the video is a bit laggy

オレホヴゥスキパヴェウ says:

Most of this websites are really heavy, slow and have a lot of junk.

9gi Web says:

where is is moving website

Farhad nowrouzi says:

sound is very low I cant hear a word what you are talking about.

Samayra Khurana says:

Very nice video……
See more stuffs related to this on "Weekly Marketing Tips".

Anshul Bisht says:

nice vid bro, plz also mention the background music really nice

swisswinnerboy says:

I would have loved to watch this. but the voice is too silent. Rather less music, more voice. Have a loud and clear voice – you will have much much more people actually watching these videos.

Colourbox says:

Great video!

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