Vacciness -The truth behind vaccinations-

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A collection of many documentaries such as:
Shots in the Dark- Silence on Vaccines.
The Greater Good.
Vaccination -The Hidden Truth.
Vaccine and Overdose babies.
and… many many more.

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LukeO9 says:

No no no !!! Those are the LIES behind vaccinations.

DiAnna Malone says:

Fluoride in Drinking Water Increases Toxicity of Aluminum

lmwrt says:

Autism is in high in the US and it´s data that says it, not me. Unfortunately with this kind of behaviour, the governments are dooming America.  A few most important vaccines is ok and I agree but only after the child´s imune system is developed and like it is said 70 shots or more that is lunacy, stupidity, whatever name you want to call it, but the real thing at stake here is the BIG PHARMA PROFIT, nothing else. I never had the flu vaccine and my father stopped taking them after I talked to him and explain to him what were the cons, and he immediately agreed saying that if he knew that he´d never would take one (we still live in a somewhat free country, not the USA of course). Free lunches (flu vaccines) has only one goal and that is to inoculate you with something that most probably will be acting as a time bomb (studies have proven that) and there is a list of cancers (some 30 of them) that are linked to vaccines. My mother and my mother in law, both died from the same tipe of cancer, Multiple Myeloma, and low and behold this cancer is on that list. What a coincidence. Every child or adult with a disease from vaccination is one more piece of profit to the big pharma, as another patient was created that need other type of medication in order to counteract what the vaccine gave him. Mandatory vaccine is a mandatory ticket to the doctors office  from that point on and for the rest of your life. Look at the liar in court, almost unable to speak an understandable word. We are being studied and controlled just like catle. Eyes open, the sooner the better. Be safe everyone.

CSAcitizen Feather says:

Vaccines are a WMD on we the people – they are an attack on us.
They LIE when they say they have taken out the deadly mercury and other things = but they have NOT ! They have even added MORE !

The more vaccines that have been forced on us the sicker a people we have become. American is the sickest country in the world !
THIS IS THE GOAL FOR THE OWG – THAT is when no one is understanding.
The evil Satanic OWG (One World Govt) wants our brains like zombies so we are just obedient robots – or dead. Population REDUCTION is the goal the OWG wants 90% of us dead and gone !

A child's immune system is not functioning until they are 4-5 years old and if they had had vaccines, their immune system never develops ! Their brain does not fully make its normal connections until that same age but it never does make the natural connections if they have had vaccines ! Thus we see the youth of today that are "crazy" and uncontrollable and violent. There is a reason why God gave us childhood diseases and had we done things God's way all those diaereses would no longer be around ! Everyone would have had life-long immunity years ago and mothers via nursing pass those immunities to our children.
Vaccines also shorten your life much to the pleasure of Big Pharma and the OWG – that way they can take you paycheck money that you are suppose to get when you are older that you have worked for all your life (Social Security) an the govt gets to keep it all because THEY MADE A LAW TO SAY SO – even though it rightfully belongs to the family !.That is the money that belongs to the family that worked for it ! But no – the govt says they get to keep it !
Laws are made to go AGAINST the people, they are never FOR them ! Laws are always for the benefit of the govt !

Vaccines is the worse child abuse that exists !

And mercury and aluminum are only two of the deadly things in vaccines – ALL of the ingredients are deadly to any living thing and even pets are dying at half age and getting cancers like never before and their health deteriorates by age 4.
Our pets are also being vaccinated to death – literally !

I had a Blue Tick hound that lived to 23 years old in perfect shape – no one would guess his age to see him run around like a puppy and his body was perfect – he would have lived longer had the horse not stepped on him. That dog never had a vaccination !
But any dog I've had that had standard veterinarian care never lived past 9 years old. I've had many dogs.


CSAcitizen Feather says:

The violence we have seen in our youth are from the vaccines.
A book was written on this back in the 1990's that the govt has done all they could to stop from getting out. it's very hard to find it. Vaccines go directly to the brain and always do brain damage even if you cannot see it. And that damage can take up to a year to show the damages. Then it's past off as "growing pains" and "normal".

by Harris Coulter
[Tells what the vaccinations do to the BRAIN !!!]

ALL vaccines are meant to either kill, maim and to sterilize you so you cannot reproduce. All vaccines are forced = Communism !

Govt uses this as an excuse to take your children form you – more children for the pedophiles to use ! IT's a Satanic racket run by the govt which proves the govt is not a govt but an evil Satanic Communist cabal. Govt claims THEY OWN all the children ! That comes from the REGISTRATION of all babies born in the govt controlled
hospitals -that's ALL of them !
Big Pharma runs the health in America. Many Other nations have outlawed all
vaccines !
Autism was unheard of before vaccines came along.
Vaccines are NOT "immunizations" – they try to make it seem that they are the same thing – they are NOT !

Autopsy results have show the brains of the dead are loaded with aluminum and mercury.


Dick Neva says:

Vaccines are poison, do not take them please. They are death in a needle!

Nancy Anthoulakis says:

I know you all aren't in Trump's camp…BUT, guess who didn't have his youngest son vaccinated. You will NEVER hear your president TOUCH the vaccine controversy.

Mark Samios says:

Pharma-trolls suffer from a self-existence crisis and think drugs guarantee their existence. Well it guarantees a drug-addiction for life that's certain.
Feel free to thank your reps.
opioid pain medicines, which are FDA-approved
It means drug dealers endorsed by the gov are stealing your lives.

Kanika and rich Johnson says:

Illuminati exposed right they are in control of everything

Kanika and rich Johnson says:

I am not vaccine my children anymore my 9 month old baby hasn't had any the rest of my children are always ill and have behaviour problems I can't believe they put these things in them

Kanika and rich Johnson says:

She was fine before she had them

Kanika and rich Johnson says:

I'm convinced this is why my child has a disability

Kimberly Macomber says:

So are they saying that just the flu shots aren't good or are they talking about any vaccine at all. Because when you have your kid in the public school system there are certain vaccines they do need in order to go to school. I do not believe in the flu shot at all but I'm just curious about all the other vaccines. Does anybody have an answer for me.

sinh chiem says:

People are sheap .

Robert Lewanski says:

Great work. Are vaccines necessary for health, immunity and vitality and well-being? We have to look at germs, viruses and bacteria in relation to health and disease. What is cause of disease? What is your immune system? Where is your immune system located in your body? 90% of your immune system lies in your GastroIntestinal Tract (GI Tract). Most all people who get vaccine shots, flu shots and take antibiotics on a regular basis are sick and ill with flus, aches and pains, in spite of all the toxic poisons, shots and anti-biotics they take. Vaccines are not the "Cure' for a healthy immune strong body. Vaccines don't make you healthy or protect you from any disease or illness–only you can protect your own health, and confer your own immunity by your own health and lifestyle habits. Since germs are not the cause of disease, a vaccine cannot protect you from something that cannot cause a disease. Big Pharma has everything backwards. The body is a living, breathing being, with its own immune system for protection in the world. Big Pharma comes in and says, "We know better, here, take this toxic chemical soup poison shot and get instant immunity." This is a colossal joke. Nature does not work that way at all. Nature works from the inside out. You build your own health from the inside of your own GI Tract–that is conferring immunity to yourself, by yourself, without any toxic vaccine intervention, which has many ill side-effects.
However, germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus are NOT the CAUSE of disease or any kind of illness or sickness — they are AFFECTS of a deranged gastrointestinal system–which is composed of Small Intestines, Lungs/Large Intestines, Liver/Gall Bladder and the Stomach/Spleen and Pancreas–this is the basis of the immune system in the body. Without these organs working properly to assimilate nutrients & eliminate wastes and toxins from the body, there is no hope of creating good health and well being, and immunity with any type of vaccines. Healthy living and eating and good health habits creates the strongest immunity you will ever have. Germs, viruses and bacteria CANNOT attack a healthy cell, and healthy "immune system." Ayurvedic Medicine said 5,000 years ago that: "There is no disease, without first gastrointestinal derangement." That means that there is no colds, flus, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ms, pms, Parkinson's Disease, nerve diseases, asthma etc etc, without first deranging and damaging the gastrointestinal system, in one way or the other–thru overeating, too much sugar, juice, salt, commercial meat, eggs, dairy, excess protein intake, no sleep, overwork, stress, excessive drinking of liquids, over-exercising or bodybuilding obsession. The lungs do not cause pneumonia or lung infections or colds or flus. In Chinese Traditional Medicine the Five Element System explains the organ relationships in health and disease. The Lungs depend upon the health and harmony of the Colon. So, the Lungs and Large Intestines are paired organs in the body. Make your colon toxic with junk food and over eating, and not resting the digestive organs, and a back-up in the system takes place–or what Dr. John H. Tilden wrote in his great book "Toxemia Explained." Vaccines also kill off most of the friendly bacteria in the Gut, along with anti-biotics. Anti means AGAINST–& bio means life = anti-life, OR AGAINST LIFE. Take vaccines and antibiotics regularly, for a diseased condition that you created in the first place, and you wipe out all of the friendly probiotics/bacteria in your system. Friendly bacteria help to keep you healthy and well. Cancer is a fungus, and it grows in an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen in the cells, tissues, blood and body). Lack of oxygen in the body has many causes, lack of exercise, eating commercial conventional and GMO, PESTICIDE, STERIOD, HORMONE ladenned foods, poor breathing habits, poor posture, over work and over stress. The big one, according to TCM is Diet and Nutrition. Eat trash non-foods, fast foods, processed foods, and you will feel like trash and garbage until you die. When you take out the garbage or keep the colon clean and moving, eat organic and be moderate in your health habits and life style, you won't have toxic germ, virus or bacteria issues in your body. These buggers are merely scavengers and parasites, and they live off of the garbage and toxic wastes inside your Intestines, and invade all your cells and tissues and organs. The "germs" are not the Cause, they are effects of a deranged GI Tract. Make your GI Tract toxic with junk food and bad habits, and the toxic bacteria are born within your own GUT–they actually change their form, according to the environment of your GI Tract–they are camelians. Change the environment of your GI Tract to more alkalinity, and your "germs" will become friendly bacteria ferments that digest your food and make you healthy and well. On the other hand, change your internal environment to junk food, GMO foods, pesticide/hormone/steroid laden foods, plus sugar, dairy, white flour products, tap water (loaded with150 chemicals and Flouride–rat poison), and you will have a disaster waiting to happen. Germs are the effect, not the cause. Clean up the garbage and toxic overload in your colon, liver and stomach and blood, by going on a detox cleansing diet 4 times per year–or every three months. For instance, go on green juices, big salads, steamed veggies and low sugar fruit, like raspberries, blueberries, papaya, strawberries, lemons, limes, grapefruit. Stay on the 'Cleanse" for 7 to 10 days, and you will feel the difference in health and vitality. Also, drink 2 cups of herbal teas from your local health food store. There are many detox and cleansing teas out there. I like to mix several different detox, colon or cleansing teas in a quart jar, and drink 1 or 2 cups daily. Herbal teas and tonics were the first "health medicines" the ancient masters used to keep their bodies healthy. Vaccines are not the remedy, never were, and never will be. You can't confer health and immunity from an external source, vaccine or flue shot, or a pill or drug medicine. Health is earned thru healthy living, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. The answer is in Nature and the organic healthy products from Nature. Nature is a manifestation of Creation, Transforming itself in the world of people and things. Health and healthy living go hand in hand with Nature and the Creative, Transforming nature of existence on earth. If you take care of yourself in a healthy and responsible way, what need have you of a toxic vaccine shot into your arm, or put into vegetable crops. That is Frankenstein Zombie psydo-science "Scientism"–a religion of doctrine and dogma, rules, regulations and rituals. The Universal Laws of Health and Healing are not included in the Modern Scientism Medical Religion.



Kelly Scott says:

given that it is monetary powerful people who have control over these vaccines .. it can only be depopulation or control as a reason to administer poison to people

Pernilla Hansson says:

There is always a patent for every disease and then a patent vaccine. Great way to make money……………..

mourningwarbler says:

"My body my choice" only applies to the right to kill preborn babies.

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