The IKEA Design Process for the FJÄLLBERGET Chair

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IKEA products are designed to make your life at home better. To do this, we use the perfect combination of good form, function, quality, sustainability and affordability.

To produce our new FJÄLLBERGET chairs, made from layer-glued wood, we used IKEA thinking. Our designers, product developers and suppliers worked as a team to make an expensive manufacturing technique affordable, in order to create a beautiful, functional, high quality, yet low-cost product that really makes life at home better for the many people.

Check out the FJÄLLBERGET chair:


theandroids says:

What program were they using?

parlayau says:

This chair is quite expansive, if looking at the price tag, … but.. after I tested it, I found it so… comfortable… The design looks good but the metal base really comfortable and solid. I never try many similar chair before but this one is just very comfortable.

Rayvetta Bryant says:

That chair is genius… Bad! Crazy good looking… wow!

Damian Sitts says:

Wonderful and very beautiful design, and the one-way layering is magnificent. I can only give my honest opinion when I say that creativity has no bounds, and all of the workers, manufacturers,  directors, and everyone else is an inspiration for better and nicer home improvements.

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