Philadelphia Sixers vs OKC Thunder – Full Game Highlights | Jan 28, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Philadelphia 76ers vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Full Game Highlights | January 28, 1/28

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Rapid Highlights says:

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made hendri says:

Imo Ben Simmons is not ROTY, he's shit. He can't shoot, I would choose mitchell over him, or tatum

Brian Byrnes says:

OKC should grab Greg Monroe, try him at the PF. PG13 would move to shooting guard, Melo would go small forward, and Adams won’t move.

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shanie walters says:

kik: maam_curvy

Soochul Song says:

nba will make the most money when…
celtics vs cavaliers
OKC vs GSW in the playoffs..

Anton Dorogokupets says:

скажите ещё что вестбрук не тащит оклу …

V3 Luciano says:

Real niggas know Adams should be at the Allstar Game

Eyih93 J says:

the aquaman is too strong!

Eyih93 J says:

westbroken just got posterize by embid. wakakkakakak

mulgokizary says:

why is this adam is not in all star game ??

Trill Cosby says:

Glad Adams is getting some respect. I feel like he’s only gonna get better too

Huunncho Hancho says:

Adams is way better than Alford facts adams must make all Star next year come on

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