Warframe : How to kill J3-Golem Quickly

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Snoresville incoming!

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EWOK7075 says:

I want atlas but cannot defeat this boss for the life of me

GrassHopper says:

was shooting the golem with imperator hitting for 272 each shot(52 min-272 max)

Elijah Daley says:

Does golen have a corpus engine on it wtf

CrazyBlakMan says:

Good video but how do I farm for those mods?

CrazyBlakMan says:

Bruhhh I ain't got all those mods!!!

karcat says:

Let's have a moment to appreciate this thumbnail

Chester123569 says:

thats a lot of noogle brah

ISetYourFaceOnFire says:

whoever on the DE development team decided to make this horrendous boss fight an archwing mission should be fired on the spot. what a fucking dumb decision.

Vimorain says:

so velocitus is secret ? or what do i do wrong? i always get 1 shoted by anything he throws ?

F3R N4ND1N1 aki toi says:

t y bro 😀

Tyre Wallace says:

Of course it's easy if you're modded up the ass -_-

Daniel Kloiber says:

where do i get sancti tigris

amin tamburelli says:

damn so you gotta kill that thing multiple tines to build atlas?

PrimedTenno says:

lol I went back to test my Tigris prime on him and it killed him in 4 seconds

Ryuion says:

Juggs is confused.

Arch Duke Ferdinand of the 3rd Cornipus of Orlando says:

Too many noggles

You might as well be flying drunk with that level of windshield-covering noggles!!!

kameron diazz says:

so basically they want us to cash shop to buy new archwings … kkkkkkk

Noah A. S says:

damn! This guys strong!

Brayden nguyen says:

I really need help doing this quest … I have no archwing shit other then the defult stuff im on pc plz help

CapAllan Gmr says:

I can take him down under 8 seconds (literally. time me.) with my 2 forma'd Grattler and an Odonata. Just use Energy Shell for the buff and spam them missiles. Mod Gratt for corrosive , crit and fire rate. Boom. Jordas is served.

bravelilspidey says:

My first attempt fighting Golem was solo and I beat him easily using Velocitus. Everyone told me it was hard. I was confused so I formed my Velocitus and kill him in 1 single pass. Now I do 68k damage. My friend and I tested our new builds together and killed Golem without taking a single pass. He had a grattler.

lolmanbob123 says:

I don't think you have enough noggles.

Bubba Two-Toes says:

Lmao I solo the sorties

ThrustFrom Behind says:

Where do you get those mods for archwing?

Cherry Pauper says:

No offense, but this wasn't very helpful. I was expecting some sort of alternate strategy rather than simply "have your stuff modded max and run back and forth shooting the shit out of it." I don't need a video to tell me to do that. And some of the mods like Magma Chamber aren't exactly viable choices considering the prices.

Hit says:

Hey dude come help me run this

Panharith says:

Is Jordan in that infested ship flying around?

JackingTheBox says:

I dont even have a single mod for my Archwing…
I just want atlas

carmelo gonzales says:

how did you boost forward like that

Isaiah Fernandez says:

fait i can do better then that of defeating the golem

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