The Gov Just Released This UFO Video..

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ImetGodinperson says:

this was not released by the defense department at all, nor even by America. It is from a south American country or mexico or something, and it was THEIR military which released it. I would also go on to say that MANY other nations on earth in fact OPENLY disclose the ET and UFO presence on earth. Only America and a few others keep these matters secret.

Hochuck Winnebago says:

Why does it say SLAVE! dead

Darryl Ruiz says:

To Serve Man…..Its a cookbook!

Wil D says:

It’s a Gauna!!!

Rich Robinson says:

It’s not Delonge who’s releasing this info, is it? You said so in your video but I don’t think that is correct.

YoutubSUCKZ says:

this is retarded. it's a fucking bird

Chase Allsup says:

Tom was right

Tick Tock says:

Tbh I want the aliens to come down to earth so I can go with them

Catelin Hunt says:

That’s not a ufo

Real01 S. says:

that is Trump's private jet

Russ Tul says:

So where is the authentic UFO footage?

Name Last Name says:

how exactly do you film a moving object perfectly centered? it looks more like some camera defect or smashed insect on the lense. for example look when the "UFO rotates"… the rotation is not smooth!! are you f* blind, or are you just to retarded to notice. it looks more like someone is turning a knob, and then the thing on lense rotates with it.. also, you can clearly hear a smirk in their voices. you are being toyed with, retards! nothing like a youtube video to remind you about that the average IQ is a 100. so sad and depressing.

Adam Beacham says:

and take the blotch off the dam craft, that image is bloted out bro

Tim Harris says:

1. A **(BLACK)** man as PRESIDENT on the UNITED STATES!!!!

2. And NOW = Proof that *(EXTRATERRESTRIALS / ALIENS / UFOs)* are visiting EARTH! I am NOT sure which one is

3. And I was ALIVE to SEE both of them happen!! Now I have seen (EVERYTHING)!!!!! Good for you TOM!

Fenyoaee McKinney says:

What do you know about Corey Goode? Could you do a video and speak about his interaction with the ETs, please. Thanks.

martin bradshaw says:

am i the only one that heard the navy pilot say its a drone ? they blanked out the wording prior to drone so i suspect he said reaper drone ! it was a fleet of military unmanned reaper drones, the pilot identified it for god sake. no aliens sorry

chicago BitchO62WoodlawnArea says:

Wasn't the movie the 4th kind enough for u people

James Maloy says:

saw one exact shape in florida

Liv Amaz says:

i caught a UFO on video. check out my recent upload 🙂

Official kreative T.v. says:

I have UFO sightings I took plus gangstalking on my channel. hope it helps someone else

Jeff Dahl says:

Just fyi, the area the pilot said there was something in the water is the exact spot where the underwater UFO base. 60 miles off San Diego and is 20 miles before you get to San Clemente island, also there is a underwater mound but its actually 100 miles out. Its called Cortes bank and it only breaks when the waves are huge. Also the pilot says in the video that there's a whole bunch of them, why isn't anybody asking the pilot about that.

Jose B. says:

This is next to the Turkish UFO, as being one of the best UFO footages to date. If you’re interested in authentic credible UFO footage watch that Turkish UFO video. You can actually see entities in the ship and you are witnessing an abduction.

Skellon says:

Denialism is a persons choice to deny reality, as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth. People/governments will try to deny this for as long as possible… Often self-interest is the motivation behind denialism, hence arguments are often politicised or financially motivated. For example, tobacco companies denied the smoking-lung cancer link (even though they were well-aware of it for decades) as it would have hurt their profits.

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