The Big Bang: Things You Didn’t Know |Space Science Documentary

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The big bang theory may not be as contentious as, say, the evolution of man — partially because it involves bewildering astrophysics and math doing crazy things to itself instead of the straightforward, “Well, you had monkeys, and then dudes.” It’s still contentious, though, because it’s a strictly rational, evidence-based argument for the creation of the universe (and such things are often trouble).
The important thing is that it’s the reigning scientific theory among people who actually understand all of the physics madness involved, and these guys come up with awesomely futuristic ideas by using the big bang as a backdrop.


Russel Ingersoll says:

Bigbang created God…

ben dunn says:

I hate these shows that are made for morons.

Chuck Webster says:


Joe American says:

Good documentary thanks for sharing

John McIntosh says:

I am lost, I thought this was about The Big bang?

Jon Begnaud says:

no such thing

Pawel M says:

what a RUBBISH

ᥓᥣᥭ: ᥛᥫᥒ:ᥞᥣᥭ: says:

fuck the picture look scary like flesh eating insects

joseph geraci says:

Were cousins to apes. Anyone got a banana.

Ray R says:

Very interesting that grasslands appeared at the same time all over the planet. Food for conspiracy nuts (like me), or perhaps the religious ones. The tinfoil hat explanation would be that the planet was purposely carpeted to make room for all of the creatures that were going to need it. And perhaps something needed to break the continents apart? Hence the asteroid? The planet seemed rather lopsided before then .. and it allowed mammals to have their turn. Now, personally I believe humans were around much much longer than what's represented in this video. Every new discovery pushes humans back tens of thousands of years. There has been enough time for most fossils to have been eradicated. We really do not know how long humanity has been around, and whether or not it, in the far distant past, achieved a level of sophisticated technology that can be compared to the modern era, or most likely far surpassed it. It's perfectly possible, and it's reasonable to speculate, that humans may have explored the stars already and that there are other human type creatures that have taken root off world. Anything that arrives here that is even remotely humanoid would have to be related to us. Not that the form could not arise elsewhere, but that the odds that other humanoid shaped creatures unrelated to us would happen to bump into this planet are remote.

Mr Scratch says:

God is a bitch, he takes pleasures in giving your children cancer…ohh wait is he working in mysterious way again?!?

Frank Meier says:

The Big Bang!

Big is the wrong word and Bang is also the wrong word. But other words are correct. For example the word "The".

Ahmed M. Tawfiq says:

i think is wrong thinking about how the Human creation Begins or from where or which Elements use is human creation Logical, scientific and religious this thinking abou human and how ceation in this video is wrong thought
This is my personal opinion and thank you

HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A. says:

And I have yet to hear the THEROY of Evolution becoming a fact. That dam missing link!! Gets em every time

rayof 315 says:

Religious people are proof we came from monkies. Trump supporters are proof we've lagged in our evolution.

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