Trump proposes path to citizenship for 1.8M

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Senior White House officials are offering a preview of Trump’s immigration framework, casting it as a compromise that could pass the Senate.


Beachdudeca says:

When you include the Chain Migration Numbers the Migration Numbers are closer the 6 Million , if Immigration gets reformed , BUT , will not happen since the DEMS will Refuse Immigration Reform

Blade BlazerLazer says:

What ended up happening to Chuck's house? Illegals burn it down yet?

Chris Davis says:

Dems don’t care about immigration only future votes.

Carlos Zavala says:

They will eventually become citizens and then sponsor others to come into the country albeit all legal so no worries there.

Gar Sm says:

"I've beaten Isis" !!! Did Trump really say that? He banned those who fought Isis – Iranians and Iraqis -from visiting the US.

Next says:

1.8 billion people paying taxes, no more free school, no more free insurance,

Iriha Schu says:

Trump should put a gigantic, wonderful signs on our borders that say: "NO FAT CHICKS!".

Nanda Righty says:

Honestly DACA is a unconstitutional program.

Stacey says:

Wow. By this logic everything my parents taught me about stealing, lying, and cheating was bullshit. Want something? Steal it! Want to be an American? Fuck their laws and the ppl who r doing it legally, let's just bum rush the border…. Nothing against these young kids because I think they work harder than some of the privileged lazy ass american kids, but for that same reason y not go improve ur native or ancestral country and make america really look like shit. And y r u protesting when ur parents broke the law? Go protest ur parents!

Vickie Parry says:

They are a bunch of unappreciated bunch of titty babies block our streets say were races and tear down our statues really and they still get everything free and buying up our land wake up America Santa and it was right they'll take it back without a shot

Vickie Parry says:

No DACA they have stolen our identities what are we supposed to do. We have fed them we have house them and put them in college for free they have bought up our land no more and they do not appreciate nothing

Modern Man says:

I say deport a few hundred thousand of them then you have a deal

Jesus Avila says:

Democrats Republicans should agree to this bill , make a wall . Keep These immigrants

Deadly Whispr says:

Fuck y'all hatred evil mf

Deadly Whispr says:

I don't get it his 3kids have an immigrant mom

Tracee Johnson says:

It is truly Unamerican to propose giving 2 million Illegal Aliens citizenship.

Jim Woodard says:

He will defiantly lose all his core supporters including myself and the republicans can kiss control of both house and the presidency bye bye for good if he gives any of them illegal scumbags citizenship , if fact after supporting him from the beginning I will pray every day for that backstabbing lying bastard to drops dead , from a brain aneurysm, fuck him !he really is a lying piece of shit that cannot be trusted to keep his word

Yee Xiong says:

A nice beautiful wall!!! Lol!!! I predict halfway into the project, corruption erupts, and the wall stays unfinished.

legasiguy says:

Dems, we're the all inclusive party! We need to have some backbone and not give in to racism!

Sisay A says:

Get this George Stephen. out of every single video please…

Guerdie Thomas says:

But guys I know my president Donald is very smart alright just wait and see because he knows perfectly we all voted for him first of all make America great again, and also the wall has to be builds of all and America comes first,and our veterans has to be get off the streets and no matter what happens

LosAngeles MexicanMaster says:

Melania Trump needs to Learn English !!!

Tilly Robinson says:

By the time they are done having us (dreamers)pay for the path the wall will be paid for 2× over. We always paid for whatever our parents did wrong by working, pay taxes and being good citizens and we will have to pay for that path to citizenship. the government is not losing with this plan and no one is certainly not getting over, They know this. I was suprise how much Americans don't research before they judge a situation, now I am numb to it. Immigration brings a lot of money into this economy. All of this is all heartless politics, a circus show.

Jaime Castillo says:

Democrats pretend this is what they want, but theyreally don't

arron holland says:

I guess I should be able to rob a bank and my son , should get to keep the money , Because he dreams he could .

arron holland says:

Your a criminal

arron holland says:

My American son is a dreamer

arron holland says:

Taking America back now ?

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