Parents of teen killed in Kentucky school shooting say daughter called mother

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Bailey Holt, 15, was one of two students killed at Marshall County High School in western Kentucky on Tuesday after a classmate allegedly opened fire.


Tone says:

Oh the double standard. Jesus Christ what the hell is going on? Ignoring a problem doesn't make it disappear. 11 school shootings this year? 50 for the school year?? These are mass shootings, All of them have been white males. So why are white males committing mass murder at such a high rate and why is it being ignored as a problem?

Logical says:

This happens when society glorifies guns for kids.

Who's The Master? #ShoNuff #KissMyConverse says:

White people are Thug Terrorists.

Who's The Master? #ShoNuff #KissMyConverse says:

1:52 is white girl running…that's why they always get killed in horror movies.

zigyzigy13 says:

Did you see those white parents who lost their daughter?

zigyzigy13 says:

Looking at the faces of high school students, why do whites look so old?

zigyzigy13 says:

A white boy who was shooting with a gun sounded like a fireCRACKER.
This is interesting.

SaintACEtheFirst says:

Wtf is that around 5:14

Spellcaster86 says:

I don't know why they don't search students before they enter the school.

qigung says:

This looks like just another staged shooting in order to push their anti-gun, anti-bullying, mental health crisis agenda. These parents are not believable. Their grief is incongruous with parents who have suffered the lost of a child in such a horrible way. Absolutely no tears! These are crisis actors! And, seriously, who names their child, Secret?!

James Bond says:

She was a bully tell people truth

emotional couch says:

What the hell, they aren’t even going to do anything about it. It happened too much, eleven times too many this month. Nobody is going to do anything. Why?

Diys Y says:

Fucking America DESENSITIZED Yes but no let’s protect our right to bare arms becuz it was really helpful in shootings yeah becuz someone will give you a heads up when they will shoot smh

Travis Barker says:

We need to stop protecting these school shooters. Stop protecting their identity when they're in custody. We don't protect the identity of pedophiles, so why do we protect murderers? And why do these kids come out without a scratch? I'll tell you why these kids shoot up schools, it's because they're defended by the police when they show up! Beat his fucking ass! Nobody's gonna take your job for beating up these snot nosed fucks! Beat their ass to a bloody pulp and people are going to think twice about this kind of thing! Those teachers need concealed carry and they need to be trained in firearms by the state government. Including Universities! There's too much liberal propaganda going on in these educational institutions and these people forget that you have to defend yourself! Wake up, spacer! People in the real world want to kill you! There are some sick, misguided people out there that would love nothing less than to take your life and all of your property. Defend yourself and defend the children under your watch! And beat the ever loving shit out of any wolf that attacks your flock.

Vuji Productions says:

Gotta love gun rights right, partner?

Your Mom says:

This shooter should burn and suffer in hell for eternity

Naghouj says:

This shit made me hate white people.

Btw. I’m white

Bob Bitchin says:

So when will be a good time to have a discussion on gun control ?
Instead douchebag Donald is proud that we have no gun control … Moron !

WhoCares! says:

So sad, my heart goes out to all involved. I suggest we install gunshot detection systems in and around schools. These systems can be smart and automated to alert authorities when the first shot sounds, they could precisely indicate where the shots are coming from and imagine what you could do if you automate some door locks and even some doors to auto-close in order to box the shooter or preventing entrance altogether. Of course there is politics and money involved so this would never get done, too expensive for some, I think a system like this could save lives, totally worth it.

Soul less ginger says:

0:55 Melons

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