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This was my first day on chemo. I was so scared. Love Channon Rose Subscription Box:

Love Channon Rose & Travis Dean

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Ellie Douglas says:

if anyone is interested i have a chemo vlog on my channel ❤️

Synthetic Dawn says:

Treating cancer with chemotherapy is like treating alcoholism with
vodka. Use dr bob becks zapper and 100% oregano oil Chemotherapy causes
more cancer.

Amber theadventuresofnuggets says:

❤️ stay strong

kayla chadwick says:

love you hope you start feeling better miscarriages suck but you are strong and will get through it I hope it gets better Channon lots of hugs and love you are in my prayers

ashleycrislip says:

Just catching up on the last few mos…. idk about anyone else, but im freaking pissed!!!! For her. Not at her. Her doctor should have given her the damn drug from thw get go instead of immediately jumping into surgery mode.

She would still have her tubes. Avoided all surgeries. And be up and running again. This poor girl!!

Sydney Edington says:

what cancer did she have?

Macy Jean says:

When you say "chemotherapy treatment" you are leading people to believe you can cancer. Probably just say you agre getting methotrexate to treat pregnancy.

Catalina Crotti says:

Love you guys!!!!

Catalina Crotti says:

Praying for you, stay strong!!

Trash Barbie says:

You seriously going to complain about taking a "chemo drug" when you're not even using it for chemo. Just imagine you using it for years and you're crying to use it one time???

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