global economy explained through two cows model

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Find the global economy a bit confusing? Don’t worry, help is at hand with the “two cows model”.

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Lydia Andrew says:

That was adorable!!!

utubetruthteller utubetruthteller says:

For your information cows are domesticated by Indians first then Indians spread cows species to all over the world.

Abdulrahman Alghamdi says:

The Saudi corporation. You have 10 cows and you tell your family that you have just one cow that is running out of milk, and tell your neighbors that you have 20 cows that are producing lots of milk.

Syed Mazhar says:


Angel Kid says:

What's is up with the British one?

char jl says:

America cow makes me sad :'( . Why no German cows? They would probably make theirs out of steel and use them to attack France and the Soviets. Would be glorious!

Wolf Alshehri says:

I loved the accents hahaha

Hugh Ellis says:

Video should be called "Cultural stereotypes described through two cows model"

snow balls says:

one of them is a horse ;_D

syed adil says:

nicely explained

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