Vietnam War, 1970: CBS camera rolls as platoon comes under fire

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In March of 1970, CBS News correspondent Richard Threlkeld was embedded with a platoon patrolling the jungles of Vietnam near Cambodia. The GI’s came under fire from North Vietnamese forces as Threlkeld’s crew documented the intense firefight. This original report aired on the “CBS Evening News” on March 27, 1970.


Frank Moran says:

Once more into the frey, into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live, and die, on this day.

Danthecoolman 11 says:

It amazes me how many anti Americans are coming to this video just to make a rude comment and troll.

Michael Croes says:

Pas en français ni sous-titres !! J'y comprends RIENS !!?.

bob1012350 says:

They all look badass

Rudie Obias says:

Does Fox News do combat reporting from Afghanistan?

Isaiah Sturmtruppe says:

"Three purple hearts, I don't need a fourth" The reporter and camera man were really brave going to the front lines. Nowadays journalism is just for propaganda, not news

Crimea ball says:

Over 60 journalists died in vietnam

FragZX Gaming says:

Wait the medic is dead the lone medic plz reply

margus kiis says:

Looks like Apocalypse Now

Firedog105 says:

That was a time when men’s balls dragged the ground. I’m lucky to get mine to swing on a good day. I feel for any person that fought in any war. Unless you lived it you will never understand what they go thru.

Falcorr says:

medics dont get helmets?

Ho Chi Minh was a mass-murderer says:

See my channel.

ramuan lelaki says:

american propaganda and comments this section make me throw out..

Ric Saxton says:

"Fake News"?Who really knows anymore.

Calendarmunkey876 says:

Richard "Thrillkill"?!

Eduard Leon says:

One battlefield. one man armed with a rifle and another with just a camera. Who’s the most badass?

Enes S says:

US is the dumbest country in the world… All of you just a junk.

Elsa Muñoz says:

un documental cuando los putos yanquis se pusieron a yorar cuando perdieron jaja ya los viiii

Elsa Muñoz says:

Vietnam dejo muchos geys con armas sin disparar


Great men made our country the greatest on this planet! My son is a Marine.

Roger Lane says:

Brilliant men. All of them best of the best!

Karl Mchugh says:

Bring the politician's to justice and make them cowards fight.they would run a mile

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