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This is a new high definition (HD) dramatic video choreographed to powerful music that introduces the viewer/student to the Science of Biology. It is designed as a motivational “trailer” to be shown by teachers in Biology and Physical Science classrooms in middle school, high school and college as a visual Introduction to the wonders of life. It augments an earlier video on the same topic that I produced 2 years ago. Subscribe to my channel at to see all of my exciting video trailers in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Astronomy. I will be releasing new ones periodically.

Please rate this video and feel free to comment. If you like it, please help me spread the word by posting links to it on your school and social media websites. The more students who can enjoy these dramatic videos, the better!

I wish to thank all the quality video and music producers whose postings enabled me to assemble this video for educational use.

Music is a mix of two pieces, “The End” by Studio Fontana, and “Dream Chasers” by Future World Music.

To best enjoy this video, view on a big screen and turn up your speakers. The music is powerful and dramatic!

I can customize this video to add your name or school name at the end credits, for a very modest fee. If interested, email me at “”

Until recently, you were able to download my videos for free from my other video storage site ( Recently, however, they began charging a significant membership fee to enable that feature, so downloading from there is no longer available. However, you can search for and obtain free download addons for your browser that will allow you to download my videos from either YouTube or Vimeo.


Mechelle Reynolds says:

This video is exactly what I was looking for to introduce my students to 7th Grade Life Science!  I was mesmerized by the images and entranced with the music. Absolutely amazing!

louie galindo says:

When people realize they been lied to with all this cgi bull shit and that the earth is flat with an intelligent creator of in which we are created in his image how can life evolve if it was never life in the first place? Laws of biology and how can u believe theory as if they were fact the big bang is still a theory evolution is still a theroy society today is plagued with sudeue science which is what math and numbers are what people seem to rely on but they prove absolutely nothing

Nizam Khan says:

THAT IS nature

Azzy Moore says:

"What is life?"

Lmao me

Sara Velázquez says:

I wish my teacher would use this kinds of resources to make her class interesting!



emiliano contreras says:

wow really great quality
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RealBabyGlo says:

who go to george ranch

Kyla100 Smile says:

Came to the comments to see people bid off of teen beach movie but I didn't see as much comments relating towards that than I thought I would.

Ilham Hassan says:

Nice video!! My teacher showed this video to us! For biologie!! Bye bye from the Netherlands!!!!

Luz Angélica Hernández Carbajal says:

Muchas gracias por el video, excelente para dar la bienvenida a la clase de Biología en el nivel bachillerato. Un saludo desde el CCH Oriente, UNAM. Ciudad de México.

Cindy Pangelinan says:

This is the perfect video to introduce to my biology class! It will be a great transition before jumping into the lesson. The entire video was really awesome! I was mesmerized by the entire video!

Juan Sainz says:

Estuvo bueno, a poco no clase?

Loltfsniper _ftw says:

I thought it was funny cause of the sperm I was dying in class

Monica Beneyto says:

This is fantastic. THANK YOU!

Hana Hurtiz says:

Anyone else start crying? lol

Alma Leticia Guerrero says:

Wow! Excellent as an introduction to Biology course, thank you very much for sharing!!

Arjun Verma Arjun Verma says:

that's good

Darlenne Diaz says:

yo learn 4 life biology summer school lets go

David Biando says:

Wonderful! I now know how I will intro bio to my class next year, and we will focus on exploring (PBL) and answering all the questions you posed! Thank you.

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