How I flipped my account from $350 to $26,000 in forex trading

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My forex story on back in February 2017 trading USD/JPY and flipping my live account in Tradersway to $26,000 account and then having to lost it all the next day.


Ellie Jones says:

That's not forex trading. Total bullshit. You should only use 2% of your balance. All full of shit

BabyUcon says:

I started with a $10 account and brought it up to $110 with the GBP/JPY in a couple of hours yesterday but made the mistake of scaling in another position to early and it cost me. Basically, I got lesson learned!

AnhTNguyen571 says:

Love your story…. i stumbled you now.. please show me how to begin.

VK1garbear says:

Odd. 20 lots with 1:200 leverage at 10,000 units per lot. 4million position sizing with only 20k in your account. Not very smart.

xfactorb25222 says:

Kinda shitty… definitely a lesson in trading. But, then again. he only invested 350$, Quite a fun ride! and unless I missed something, he's still up about 7,000$ correct?… hmm… something seems off here.

Tommy says:

what app are you using in the snapshots

Michael Storm says:

I realize you're NOT going to like what I say. But you sir are a degenerate gambler. And I say this as humbly as I can. You're a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up. You did once and if you do not change you will do it again. You have no concept at all of proper risk management. The amount of size that you put on your account was shear madness. You had 20K at one point and were long 39.50 standards of USDJPY. I have traded for 17 years and once long ago ran a trade room and trained a lot of folks how to trade. I have NO AGENDA here. Nothing to sell… No course, no trade room, no website. NO desire to teach another person. I am just saying that ANYONE that listens to your advice on forex trading is as bad and mad a gambler as you and you're all going to blow up. I have never in my life seen anything so deplorable as this. SORRY ! I know it hurts. Truth always does. I would highly recommend you take a year off go and buy 5-10 books on trading psychology and read them over about 5 times each until you know the info so well you could teach a course on it to your kids ages 5-10 and make them understand it. THEN you know it. Cause right now you don't have one clue what you're doing. Not trying to be mean, not trying to be a troll. Just trying with all I got here to warn you and those that listen to this. Go big or go home is not the way and having no plan, no strategy and no stop at all in mind is not the way. You call yourself an aggressive trader but you're aggressive gambling. And there is a HUGE difference. Its like night and day and you are stumbling in the night big time. Don't mean you harm. I just hope to God you wake up. You are me. 18 years ago. Get some education.

Airene Ailing says:

Thanks for sharing:) May i know u took how long of the period to multiply your funds?

Marc Hershey says:

No dude.. not everyone can do it. You either had a HELL of a mentor!!!! …or just found the best signals.. i feel like there's something fishy about this. I don't see how you don't understand that this was a fucking dream come true, not skill.. This was ridiculous…. ridiculously lucky.

Marc Hershey says:

Why do you keep calling lots, dollars?

DonFronShow says:

these comments are hilarious! this guy has no idea what hes doing and everyone saying they wanted to be coached by him! haha the 15 dollar bet?!?!?!?!?! he was betting 1,500,000 units! perfect example of why you should never invest in something you dont understand

Mass Lawrence says:

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Faruk Ali says:

How much did you lose first.

Wouter Hof says:

''that 20 dollar bet'' it's not 20 dollars its a 20 lot your actually betting 2 million lol

Mark King says:

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Gergő Ocsovai says:

I like the video, but I do not understand everything, so I can not speak English. would you like to do some important thoughts about trading and analysis? (I'll translate it) I'm starting, you would help a thank you.

AxtionMan says:

Everybody knows forex is shiy

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