Neighbors Surprise Breast Cancer Patient With Parade on Her Last Day of Chemo

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Friends and family rallied around a neighbor in Ohio, sending her off in style to her last round of chemo. Amy Kleiner was diagnosed with breast cancer six months ago. She was shocked when her loved ones lined her street with banners, balloons and signs just before she left for treatment.’s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.


Ocean Flowers says:

I like how the add before the vid was about making cancer history

Jayden Chancey says:

I cried such a great thing people still do

Aca Msnsn says:

I wish someone did this go me on my last day of chemo

DStills says:

what up Amy Kleiners

GamingWithUs says:

What does breast cancer do? (I'm 10)

Gingereena 5201 says:

So heartwarming

Ag Jr says:

Inside Edition is the only real network that reports good news and at the same time doesn't talk about Trump Trump 24/7. I'm talking about you Huffington Post.

HayThere says:

1:05 love that quote.. <3

HRH Pugwidgeon says:

And my friend had a mom with cancer and she got finished her last chemo therapy but died in her sleep a couple days later. His little brother was only 7. Btw my friend was 11. And is almost blind since he has a condition that is making him slowly blind all he can see if outlines now 🙁 but I'll still be his friend 🙂

Gracie & Payton says:

So happy for her!

Tessa Charest says:

wow I just got done with chemo cause I had leukemia and whats even more amazing is that I noticed her bumper sticker had a Hilton head island sticker on it and about made my day

Nicholas Lemmon says:

Yay thank Jesus for her still being alive thank god


Awwww this is cute

Zoie everyday chick says:

so happy for her! well done hunny! u beat cancers ass!! x

QueenER Emily says:

This almost made me cry

Anthony Molina says:

Rip headphone users

ale_the_real_one homie no says:

What's chemo

Felix Frisch says:

This is the kind of stuff that makes me smile. We need more of this in our world

Janet Morales says:

Omg. Stop taking about Jake inside Edition

dalia suarez says:

must be nice having amazing neighbors like that, mine would throw a rock at me if i were walking by their house

Fidelma says:

It was my moms last day of chemo yesterday too

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