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Top – Active
Necklace – The M Jewelers
Nails – Essie “Really Red”
Glitter liner – Too Faced Glitter Pop liner in purple


Camera⎥Canon 70D, Sigma 30mm lens
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Background Music | Yuu – LBN667


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Danycargu says:

I can't see your site, and I'm dying to see it:'c

Amber says:

Could you make a video about the portfolio you made to get IN to graphic design? I'm making one now but idk how good I have to be to get in ya know?

Maeve Perreault says:

I'm currently in highschool for graphic design, and I really really love these project ideas. I think I will be using them for some free time during breaks in class.

Greisy H says:

I love the moodboard !!!

Sophie Tabone says:

Lindsey, you're a great designer, but gurrrll those paragraphs seriously need alignment they are all over the place! Use Indesign or even Illustrator to fix them!

Michael Barron says:

"Font Enthusiast" hmm maybe change to Type Enthusiast?

Zuzanna Zając says:

I was just randomly watching your videos and I subbed when you said you're Polish because I'm also from Poland <3

Catherine Malinovskaya says:

Lindsey, nice earrings! where did you get them?

Matt Clark says:

hey baby girl, lemme get your number?

D R says:

I'm a design student right now and I'm glad to see other people's thoughts about their portfolio/work. Best wishes to 2018!

Ivanna M says:

While I'm not interested in beauty videos, I'm super excited to find other female designer on YT!

Maleick Fleming says:

Great work love the process

EmeraldVie says:

I want to study Graphic Design as well and your portfolio is so well made! looks at my trash ideas

mason salesa says:

lindseyrem how much maths is required in graphic design?

Manoela Morel says:

4:11 confirms that "Polish Girl" by Neon Indian is about Lindsey Rem

Mariel G says:

so cool girl

MissAdamLambert888 says:

Beautiful work ! Thanks to you, I get to live my other dream of being a Graphic Design student vicariously through you lol! (am a Psychology student). Thank you for sharing with us your passionate work ! <3333

Black Balloon says:

We are fellow Panthers as well. It's exciting to see talented young artists coming from that school.

Julia Rose says:

omg girl! just discovered your videos and I love it! Could watch your videos forever. you've got a new subscriber xxx

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