Best Audi Commercial Advertisement 2017

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Best Audi Commercial Advertisement 2017


Jj The 13th says:

7:09 in Soviet Russia, the car test drives YOU

Tom Foolery says:

You're not allowed to use any assist features during the driving test. Not even the backup camera.

JasonSt says:

oute tin kkele sou en ti forei jimesa hahaha 2:30

lugerp04 says:

yes audi drivers they are cheeky, revving theyre engine right after start up and just kill the motor right after full accleration good for your turbo fucking audi its just a vag product so its just cheap but not in price

boutros ebba says:

And then a Tesla Roadster Comes Out…. 0-60 ; 1.9s

Thorn says:

the first one was an air bnb commercial

Adam Hughes says:

Used Christian challenge formation style nerve one clock should chronic real medicine offering.

justinas2003 says:

They look like

Jason Moyle says:

who the hell is the guy at 5:45?

Cosmín Petra says:

Audi. Vorsprung durch Technik.

Gerald Kaulback says:

seems like any Audi owner when he threw dust at that guy lol


I just got an ad on an ad

Sean Kretschmann says:

The Audi R8 AKA the undercover Lamborghini with Audi styling 😉

dennis Liang says:

the first commercial is the actual dream life

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