Extreme carp fishing Lac du Salagou

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Lac du Salagou, El Diablo


pkpop 4ever says:

Who is scared of fish animals birds and insect !?!?
I'm really sceard of all these things

Lenny Barthaux says:

Super vidéo beau poissons

Samuel Verilli says:

Cool ich bin Samuel und fabio

zekkour fouad says:

nice fishing . nice video

Gilbert Rajee says:

Why u foreigner fishing without meaning just leave the fish like that at least u HV struggle u should taste it madsy

Sanjay Kumar says:

Sanjay Kumar

Martin Flaisz says:

Magyar rekord

Sándor Maróti says:

Brutális helyszin!Brutális halak!Kell ennél több!Persze hogy kell,de máskor!Gratulálok!!!!!

Teemu-TV says:

All fish that are caught for eating must be handled carefully to reduce stress and humanely killed as soon as possible after capture. Humane killing requires that the fish is stunned (rendered instantaneously insensible) before being bled out. Percussive stunning involves a forceful and accurate blow to the head with a blunt instrument. The force required will depend on the size of the fish.

The blow should be aimed just above the eyes to impact on the brain. The effectiveness of the stun should be checked and another blow applied if the fish is not unconscious.

After stunning the fish should be bled out by cutting the gill rakers or, with larger fish, a main artery.
With the very small fish breaking the neck is good way to kill. Just put your thumb or other finger to the mouth of the fish and quickly make a move upwards.

All this is important because fish also feel pain and suffer. Pain and suffer of the feeling animals must be minimized.

When the fish is in pain and suffering, the fish also produce stress hormone. Stress hormone makes the meat of the fish taste worst and stress hormone also reduce keeping quality.

Tight lines!

Vivien Kicsilány Pápai says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix7sMdy_7K8&t=177s Balatoni bojlis verseny 😉

nightsincitylife carpfishing says:

Epic angling

hunterleonardo Sportif Balıkçı says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MpiuXNwGjY my channel subscribe

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