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What are futures? Tim Bennett explains the key features and basic principles of futures, which, alongside swaps, options and covered warrants, make up the derivatives market.

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Sasha M says:

The eureka moment came when you swaped names of producer and manufacturer to trader a and b. It finaly clicked in my brain. Awesome. Thanks.

Anatoli S says:

You are a legend!

Greco Conduris says:

Does the futures themselves have an impact on the commodity price? Like a feedback loop?

animeonperseest says:

oh yeah, btc gonna go down

Timothy Spatz says:

Damn, man. The Noise floor in that room is ridiculously high. Its hard to listen to you. Video could have used a little audio cleaning before uploading.

Eric ong says:

good explanation….love to watch more video ..thanks a lot

rohit sharma says:

loved it "the way you explained"

NutHouseProductionz says:

Dec 18, 2017, Bitcoin Futures CME.

b.cage says:

If the seller had to pick up a ton for 3000$ and sell it for 2500$, hes – 500$, but then you say he buys back.the contract for 3000$, which means that he would be down another 500$, so all together it would be 1000$ he is down, not 500$.

Jonathon McBrine says:

I'm looking for good books on commodity, indices, futures trading strategies. Books that discuss detailed strategies to include, indicators, buy and sell rules etc, something I can code into an algorithm.

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