Acute Myeloid Leukemia AML Animation

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This medical animation illustrates how acute myeloid leukemia (AML), the most common type of cancer in adults, develops in the blood and bone marrow. The narrator also discusses the symptoms of AML and AML treatment options.


TJ Devereaux says:

I’m 49 years old, since I was 20, I’ve been battling Crohn’s disease, and then it 21 after my colon ruptured, along came intestinal cancer. In the past 29 years I have had eight different intestinal diversions spread out over the course of 33 absolutely brutal operations, and I’ve spent more than half of my adult life in the hospital as a patient. My last surgery was December 2016, today is January 11, 2018, this is the longest. I’ve gone without having at least one operation, and I thought I was on the mend for good, even though I’m left with only 5% of my G.I. tract, I beat death four times already, I was so looking forward to my new found health. But, my RBC and W BC counts have been far too high, so I have been seeing a haematologist every three months for the past year. Just this past Monday I had bloodwork and a chest x-ray, on Tuesday I got a call from the oncology clinic, Stating that while the chest x-ray was fine, the blood work was worse than ever before, and that they are preparing an emergency bone marrow biopsy for this Monday. After researching leukemia, I’ve discovered that I have every single symptom, I’ve had them for a while, but because I was so busy trying to survive the other illnesses and surgeries, I just thought it was part of the other illnesses, but it turns out I was wrong! When the doctor called me yesterday, I asked him to be honest with me, as I am extremely well educated in human physiology (during those 29 years of chaos, I managed to attend university and get a masters degree in laboratory medicine, and in radiological medicine). Then came those words that I knew he was going to say but words I did not want to except, he said that all the signs point towards leukaemia of some type. The bone marrow biopsy will determine exactly what type of leukaemia I have, what stage it is that, and how long I have left to live. Since that discovery two days ago, I have been frantically searching the web for as much information as I can find on how to treat leukaemia without facing more chemotherapy and more radiation. The intestinal cancer came back three times, each time was unbearably painful, each time I was supposed to die, and each time I survived anyways. Here are the final he thought I was getting somewhere, that I was going to be able to have a life again, and now I just want to shoot myself in the head, literally, and get this over with as quickly as possible, because it is painfully clear that I was not meant to survive in this world. I literally cannot remember a time in my life when I was happy and healthy. Even during my younger years I was sick, but too afraid to say anything. I often wonder if I had spoken up when I was 10, and told my parents that I had blood coming out of my rectum, could I have avoided all those operations? No matter, it’s a moot point, I missing so much intestine, that I literally have no room inside for more than a few mouthfuls of food, anymore than that and I threw up. Now with this diagnosis of leukemia, I’ve just lost all hope, and I am beyond frustrated and angry at the world, and I keep questioning why the hell is this happening to me again? I dedicated my life in helping other people, the only one true thing that brings me joy is knowing that I was able to make a difference in somebody’s life in a positive way, yet in my own life, I’m constantly punished with her Renda sleep bad health, despite the fact that I take very good care of my body, I just don’t understand it, and frankly I’ve lost all hope and have no wheel left in me to fight anymore, what’s the point? Seems all I’ve done is fight for my survival most of my life, but after reading about what leukaemia patients must endure to survive, I can tell you that I do not have the strength left in me to fight this battle, so, after the results of the biopsy are in, I’m simply going to tell my doctors that I am refusing all treatment, for all the obvious reasons which I just mentioned. For those of you who’ve never gone through chemotherapy or radiation, I’ll just say this much, to call it hell on earth is an understatement, I did not eat anything by mouth for over four years, I was fed via IV nutrition, aka, TPN. I am not a troll, what I’m telling you is what has actually happened to me, I’ve always been one to express myself rather than hold it inside, most times it would always make me feel better just to vent, and let it all out, but not this time, this time no matter what I say, the reality is I am going to die very shortly, and after fighting so hard, and for so many years, only to be struck down once again in the end by this evil disease, Is the ultimate slap in the face. All that aside people, do any of you who have fought leukemia, to all of those who are currently fighting it or have fought it and won, what type of treatments did they give you, and how difficult was your recovery? As I said, I am almost certain I’m going to reject any intervention, and just let nature take it’s course, but if, and this is a big if, my leukemia is only in it’s early stages, I may allow them to try treatment, but only if it’s realistically purposeful, if it is not then what’s the point? At this point in my life I have to consider quality over quantity. Having fought off cancer three times already I know the flight that I am in the fort, but each cancer is treated differently, often with very different medications and therapies, what I have to decide now is do I risk spending the last year‘s or even months of my life sick as a dog and in pain again, or do I throw caution to the wind, say fuck it all, but the leukemia spread throughout my body, as I spend my remaining time left on this earth truly enjoying what’s left of my short life by traveling the globe, something I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve never been able to because of my health. I have stashed away enough money survive for a few years in the lap of luxury, and they also have been researching several different natural pathic approaches to treatment, it’s a tough decision to make, and I need your help to make it, I need everybody who’s been through this to tell me, as bluntly and as honestly as you can, do I commit myself to four treatments, or, do I take a much more laid-back approach and try my best to enjoy life as much as possible before they put me in the ground for good? What would you do in my situation? Any and all comments and/Or information would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much for listening to me, and for those of you who are healthy, please let me be your example of why you should appreciate your health, because once it’s gone, it’s gone, and there’s nothing you can ever do about it, I’d give anything not to be sick like this, but it’s not up to me.

Stat Haiyan says:

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is the most common type of blood cancer in adults.

Andre Pierce says:

This is where John Connor's mother Sarah Connor died A M L since 1997 in Termernator 3

HODA Mahboub says:

It's only for knowledge . My family is lucky because we donot carry these negatively affected conditions. God help any one suffering from these mean diseases . I wish from our state to support ill people with money and compassion

TobySLO says:

I survived this in 2016 with a bone marrow transplantation.

Angelita Cabral says:

I came here becuz of a kdrama I've been watching recently and just checking if AML is true…

fuqr says:

My mother was diagnosed with AML and was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. She was unable to receive one and had passed away in 1999 as I was only 16 months.

CRAZY kid's blog says:

is leukemia contagious

Anonymous says:

I came here because I rot in my room, so since I have YT I might as well rot gaining some knowledge on a scientific subject I'm interested in such as this.

TST PO says:

edd died cause of this rest in cola edd from eddsworld

John Johnson says:

I'm currently in treatment for aml

monkigodmagic says:

i came her bcoz of Charlie Murphy, RIP

AtomicSpy says:

i came here cuz i have a friend that had leukemia and i wanted to know that what lukemia does to your body.

TB_Savage_2x says:

I experiencing this today what should I do :(.

peppermint patty says:

my cbc showed high levels of gr and low mvc and mch levels this is what I find leukemia. patients usually have this 🙁 scared!

Katia Chakra says:

i came her because of louis mother

TheSupremeTomCat iOS says:

I have been sent to Gibsson, and got sliced with a knife. That's why i have leukaemia.

philip harrison hills says:

I am 56 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000. I initially had radiotherapy but it did not achieve a cure. I then had hormone therapy (casodex and zolodex implant) when my P.S.A. Started to climb again they changed the casodex to Diethylstilbesrtol. In 2014 a scan indicated the presence of secondary bone cancer in my hips for which I have recently undergone a single high radiotherapy dose, since they have stopped the Diethylstilbesrtol and given me dexamthasone but continued with the zolodex implant, My concern is that the oncologist discharged me to the care of urology.
I was recently catheterised and awaiting a cystoscope to examine my bladder before i saw a post on youtube the testimony of mr john levison on herbal remedies i contacted him and i was intruduced to Dr sale bashiru who after some questioning sent me herbs and oil that cured me cured totally withing three weeks of trial… i am indeed thankful God bless you sir.jf you may need his assistance here is his for more details you can contact john

Widya Andini says:

Apa yg harus diatasi bila menderita
Leukemia ?

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