Signs You Grew Up With Chronic Pain

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The Mighty community shares “signs” of growing up with chronic pain they can now recognize as an adult.

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Jonathan Harris says:

It has been 5 months and I have horrible back,knee,and ankle pain,I get really tired when running or walking. Some days are better than others but it doesn't feel like it is going away it feels like it is progressing.The thing that sucks the most is my school has 3 flights of stairs that i go up and down everyday.also I AM 14. WTF

John Doughly says:

Anyone know of a compassionate pain doctor in Maine? Plzzzz lmk. Thanks!

Elena Bressan says:

Again a video that was published 20 june that's my birthday. And it seems that they did it on purpose. I have chronic pain since I was born. But, after surgery, after scans, after other surgeries, after psychiatrist and neurologist and SO ON, now my pain is related to my mental disorder that is so overwhelming that my mind put the "brain pain" into the body, in that parts of my body that are involved in my major conflicts. I literally live with belly pain (not simple belly pain. It's something that makes me faint) and migrane, weakness… my right eye is near useless because it hurts so much that I must close it most of the time. My back is so weak that simple standing it's torture. I'm working hard with specialists and meds and therapy to cope with the pain and my mental struggle. Sometimes, life is just unbearable. Sometimes I have moments that my belly is calm and cramps stops for few minutes and I feel like I'm in heaven. I love that moments.

rose crook says:

i have chronic pain to ,since i was 13 or younger the school didnt want to understand or even care so i kinda know how you feel. i am sorry you had to deal with that

A girl who went mad says:

I never thought about that.
Headache is normal for me.
When I get hurt, I feel so, so much pain, my mom tell me I'm just being dramatic.

Lilac Violet says:

All of this is me but im overweight

Rin Rin says:

I think most kids that grew up with fibromyalgia know the "growing pains" diagnosis too well. Pain started for me when I was 6 years old and after 12 years of being misdiagnosed I was finally told that I have been dealing with fibromyalgia.

Isabel Reedman says:

Chronic pain sounds so difficult. Kudos to everyone who puts up with it everyday

Marousa M says:

I have everyday horrible headaches, neck pain, muscle pain, bone pain, endometriosis since I remember myself. I have tried everything especially for the headaches. I'm takind tons and tons of pills everyday and unfortunately I'm addicted to one of them for about a year which has codeine. In all these depression decided to kick in. Thank you for these videos because everyone can share his personal experience in the comments. Hope everything goes well for everyone

Keri C says:

As a kid, I dealt with having to cath myself and then it was headaches and back and neck pain. Always had pain but it slowly got worse. So slowly that teachers and the nurse just thought I wanted to skip. In reality, I didn't know how to explain what was going on in my body and the pain I was experiencing

Sarah Eileen 빛나 says:

Fatigue for no reason, all my energy going towards just existing…yep. Thank you for this video!

Alexandria Anderson says:

I did not grow up with it but I have CFS and tons of other issues since I was 19. Also had terrible periods. They thought I had endometriosis but didn't. I'm on 3 month birth control for that. Always had stomach issues since I was young too. Good video.

Marine Lucie Laure says:

Aah chronic pain. I know it very very well ^^ Thank you very much for this video and for all the others ❤

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