Quantum Mechanics – Part 1: Crash Course Physics #43

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What is light? That is something that has plagued scientists for centuries. It behaves light a wave… and a particle… what? Is it both? In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini introduces to the idea of Quantum Mechanics and how it helps us understand light. Also, there’s this thing called the ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE!

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mrJillesOom says:

Watt is love? baby don't Hertz me, don't Hertz me, no orse

b13nbl3n says:

"Today you learned.." Well I heard.. not learned ..yet

Merry Merry says:

At the risk of being cursed I want to point out that she says "H" like Liza Hempstock from The Graveyard Book.

Niladri says:

Very slow video.. U should speak up fast and make shorter videos

ThePotatoKing724 says:

It is ay-ch (h) not hay-ch

Joe Digiorgio says:

Normally I love these series but this one just makes me feel like a complete moron after 1 minute and it's only lesson 1 phuc me…

NukeFTW says:

Im searching fot her boobs :/

SearchBucket2 says:

Terrible presentation. Rushed and just read blandly from a script.

Jenil Kanani says:

hahahaha did anyone noticed the antman behind the electron

Nilaya Deshpande says:

Plz improve the content this is for very small children

Jeff Bomareto says:

Why do you not give a summary in the beginning about what you're going to be talking about? TheDeliver of this messageIt Is smarter than a phenomenal speaker butYou got to give us a road map of where to go with this

some guy says:

God she needs to talk slower

MAO says:

I only understood a few things but why am I still so interested?

galvaton10000 says:

She's explaining Quantum Mechanics in a simple manner; I'm just like "I like turtles."

Terry Tanner says:

When things move at the speed of light they get denser so when these densities come together in the narrow channels then they spread out because there then acoustic propagating releasing the field compression by measuring the density shifts from Open Space 2 concentrated you'll be able to figure out the fields of the photons and the surrounding interacting objects

Chirag S says:

too fast explanation..!!!!!
plz slow it down????

Pixel avro says:

And i thought the math they do in school is hard…

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