Physics Singularity & The KEY to Warp Drive technology: PhOENIX

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With PhOENIX – The Physics Of Entanglements, Networks, and Information eXchanges we have shown for the first time how energy becomes trapped on vertices to create what we know as “particles”, and why those particles have charge, and interact the way they do. Learn More about the theory here:
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Back in December of 2015 Stephen Wolfram Published an article on his blog titled “What is space time, really?” In this article he masterfully outlines a new computational framework for looking at our Universe and a path which he believes could lead to a complete theory of physics, unifying quantum physics and relativity, through finding the most simplistic discrete building blocks and rules for the known universe, using an algorithmic method similar to what he wrote about in “A New Kind of Science”, his fascinating 1,000+ page tome on how highly complex patterns could emerge from simple 1 dimensional, 2 bit systems using basic iteration algorithms. In this article he proposed that a new model of unified physics might be generated by using simple computational algorithms, only in 3D instead of 1. He talks about some of the key mathematical tools for constructing networks: things like knots, nodes, and graphs which are all integral parts of this new theory I’m about to present to you here today. Stephen doesn’t realize just how close he actually came to discovering it…

Welcome to the era of entanglement!

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philosoaper says:

lots of flash bang whizz jizz… bummer.. for like 15 seconds I was genuinely interested..

scott pot says:

lota hate here for comeing up with a theory and nobody posting there better theory????

scott pot says:

could u make like a shelid and trap antimatter inside of it so the anti matter could be say all around a ship that would seperate u wouldnt it

UR JustAllWrong says:

Considering gravity doesn't even exist I'd say this video was a lost cause before it was even published. G'day.

smatthews author says:

I have been saying for years that Earth is a capacitor and that there is no 'gravity'. It is direction of charge and density that we experience everyday. Which explains specific frequencies and their association in relationship to their distance above and below ground level (why frequencies exist at predictable heights or depths below the ground – low ELF below and High high in the atmosphere). The more dense atoms / molecules are at ground level and below and the more spaced out atoms are high up in the atmosphere. We live in a vortex coil that is a capacitor in its center and that is our magnetically electric charged atmosphere. Lightning is static discharge of the atmosphere between the vortex coils top and bottom plates. This explanation explains what we experience everyday. My 501 The Perfect Vortex Coil Video has visuals of this at the end including the sun moving around inside the coil at the rate of current flow (24 hour cycle around the coil). I think this may support a flat earth model too (a plane within the coil). AND, if this is accurate you can use CHARGE to overcome the capacitive push / pull (that we think is gravity) to make stuff fly around the sky (ufo's). YOUR NODE / VERTEX description is exactly how I designed my coils. My node spacing on my coils are how my coils are designed. Mine are fractal and in platonic solid formations. I have others that are not in platonic solid formations also…

Jennifer Gosling says:

Good luck with your project. But please enough with having to bring others ideas perceived as competition down – it is a very old human way, definitely not becoming of the future. One would hope with new physics consciousness comes new maturity. I truly believe that will advance humanity and physics and many other things in a positive direction faster than any other thing. Many people with many ideas – not better not worse all to be investigated.

studmalexy says:

DONATE!….imagine if this thing blows up and becomes huge!….alienscientist has 80k subscribers..imagine if each subscriber donated what they spend on coffee a month, Jeremy and Ken would have hundreds of thousands of dollars to do full time research

David Cleris Timothee says:

Making fancy image and videos doesn't make you a physicist your "theory" just look like bullshit i mean can you show that with energy order of 1Tev you a have a U(1)xSU(2)xSU(3) symetry group i guess that you also don't have an hamiltonian for you theory which by the way prevent you from making any prediction but if also you don't describe symetry this just mean that whatever the mathematical fanciness of your "theory" this would still be bullshit

PS: as opposition to you i'm a true scientist making true studies in physics

Asia Mud says:

Scam spotted!

Gods Son says:

I have a developed theory…

Government.Non-Terrestrial.Tech&Research.Facility says:

you all know the govt. wont allow this due to money and business

dick dickerson says:

well keep pushing the vail cause i hope it works.

john kraus says:

Is it plausible to imagine a Paradox that includes both E and W magnetic poles to catalyist or off-set existing N and S poles? How would they be detected ? Maybe a thougt…….what the HELL do I know, I'm an accoutant 🙂

JD Rock says:

Have you ever produced/isolated antimatter? I mean, that is one big claim (I am not doubting you, just skeptical). I will be looking forward to your first few experiments. #2 seems interesting, the rotating superconductor ring Eugene Podkletnov Experiment hmm, why would this affect any non-magnetic material.

Jesse Grubb says:

Only took a couple thousands years for us to re realize this. Welcome to the revolution of energy and wave theory

Pickle P says:

And everyone in the world will benefit? Or just the wealthy

John Gavel says:

Good Theory, I've been working on a similar theory. I call mine Temporal Physics. Mainly because the vertices exchange information from x to y and from y to z. The vertices are sets of the singular dimension. So really close guys good job. A prediction for the sigular dimension intercactions and exchanges is getting more energy out of a void then going in via mass or matter. This isn't due to entanglement exactly but the differences in Space-time values. This energy would then form particles at a rate that would match CMB. More predictions would include a release of Space-time from black holes, explaining growth of the universe from singularities and contractions of the universe from vast voids.

Brent Anderson says:

Get bent scammer

Steven Spray says:

New physics supplanting current physics? Sounds a bit cranky guys but hey good luck!

Ville Pakarinen says:

Cooper! You don't have fly into a black hole after all.

Mandela Effect Comedy says:

Why does Einstein's relativity have to be wrong for action at a distance to work?

For example if I had a powerful enough flash light shining light years away on say a distant massive moon and I flicked my finger across the surface of the light source, the shadow would cover ground spanning the entire moon in a split second at a speed faster than the speed of light…
It doesn't violate relativity to do so.
What if I build a cosmic clock light years away with a gear every 5 seconds. One single "CLICK" still produces action at a distance faster then the speed of light because of the way the clock is built and connected.
Therefore, build a cosmic clock…. or discover one… and you can already communicate light years away faster then the speed of light.

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