War Robots Test Server 3.6 New Weapon Arbalest & Dragoon Gameplay & Spectre

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War Robots Test Server 3.6 Gameplay of the New Weapon Arbalest & Dragoon as well as the Spectre Robot.

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Manni-Gaming says:

Hey Hey Everyone and welcome to our first War Robots Test Server video in 2018!
New Weapon Arbalest: Light Trebuchet with much higher recharge- & fire rate but much reduced damage!
New Weapon Dragoon: Incredible Overperforming Zeus-Alternative like a long range Taran or Redeemer.
New Spectre Robot: 4x Medium Weapons on a Medium Bot with Stealth/Jump like the Inquisitor (Overperforming!)
New King of the Hill Gamemode: Check the video for explanation.
Hope you like the early release 🙂

Timothy Johnson says:

Great video congrats on 40K subscribers!!!!!!

Jasper Lee Qian says:

This weapon feels a lot more balanced

mnoz stha says:

How did u get those new weapon or new robots like 1 second ? Are you using money to buy those things ?

Harlock Grg says:

I hope you good luck and will these weapons cost components

Josue Gonzalez says:

There should be a heavy version of the punisher weapon.

Arvin Rohani says:

whats the fire rate?

Ms BellaWR says:

The dragoon is like a heavy magnum.

Aryan Sharma says:

Nd like alwyss MANNI i luv ur videos….. thnx
for entertaining us all.. nd i wanted to ask that when is it u r going to upload a latest funny video of WR…

Yogesh Shady says:

Time 2 quit the game

n.j. king says:

Spectore bot with storm

JosiahB235 says:

Not even excited for it cuz it will cost so much

Ronan Graff says:

try a scourge/Zeus Leo or Natascha

Joe Piemaker says:

Arbalest means crossbow in French

Siam Shamsi says:

U Can Just Have Four Trebs On A Natasha Now Ohhh No I Need More Shelded Bot Crap

Rabs Gaira says:

manni plz tell how to join test server plz plz requrst plz

Domitron says:

Manni I have good news I got the test server for my first time!! 😀

Nathan Redorange says:

Well, this is depressing.

Sean McLaughlin says:

They buffed the Spectre back up. Sad…very sad. Power creep is taking this toward Vega

TheMostDurable Ye says:

Manni I need help! They gave me the test server for my Gmail and I downloaded it. It said app not installed! Help!

Pawan Shah says:

Patton with 4 Arbalest

L4nc34L0t says:

All hope is lost

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